{Went a little Mod Podge Crazy}

Within the last week or 2 I’ve gone a little Mod Podge crazy. With no extra money to spend and desperate to do something crafty, I decided to repurpose some crap I had around the house. And by crap, I do mean garbage.

The first little item used to be an empty container of Whey Protein the that my husband drinks. It was just sitting around as were coffee filters that had no home so I thought “hmmmm, this might be fun”. So, I cut the container in half, mod podged some leftover scrapbook paper and ribbon to it and this is what I got. The perfect little bin for my coffee filters.

In my cabinets I had taken an empty box of fruit snacks and stashed my craft supplies in it. I had some leftover scrapbook paper from this project and decided that I could dress it up a bit with those. So, I did just that and here’s that little project. 🙂

Nothing fancy but it looks much better than a plain old box. I used one sheet of 8 1/2″ x 11″ scrapbook paper (paisley) and about a half of the same size for the polka dot corners. I didn’t cover the bottom at all. Just the sides and had enough to fold over the top edges.

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  1. fragments says:

    isn’t modge podge awesome?!?

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