New! Weekly Giveaway Directory

Back in my earlier days of blogging I used to have a Giveaway Directory. Each month I would update it and bloggers could add a link(s) to giveaways they had going on at their blog. I just recently started to get into doing some regular giveaways and when I went to go find giveaway listings to help spread the word, I couldn’t find many. The only one that I knew of was the one every Thursday at Someday Crafts {which by the way is terrific and you should take advantage of it if you are hosting a giveaway}. I tossed the idea of starting one back up around and decided to go for it!
So, starting this Sunday, January 8 (and the Sunday’s following it) I’m going to open up a Giveaway Directory located right HERE.
Everything is all set up and ready to go for this Sunday. Please help spread the word and share this post either via any of the methods at the bottom of the post. 
Due to the amount of content that is used without permission and proper credit, I am no longer allowing a full RSS feed. I value each and every reader so I hope you will click through and come visit!


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