Valentine Heart Art

Hello! I’m Susan, and I am thrilled to be here at The Girl Creative sharing a fun decoration for Valentine’s Day! I blog over at Oh My! Creative where I like to share all kinds of seasonal and holiday projects along with things I create for my home.

Today, I’m sharing my Valentine Heart Art. The minute I hung it in my kitchen it brightened the whole room! I love it!


This is pretty simple to make…here’s what you need…


2 Foil Garland Hearts from Dollar Tree  |  Wide Burlap Ribbon  |  Red Satin Ribbon

Thrift Store Frame  |  Glue  |  Wire  |  Paint for Picture Frame


This only cost me a few dollars to make because I already owned many of the items used to create my Heart Art. These items are not very expensive if you need to buy them. Or substitute with things you already own.

I first have to tell you that I bought this great frame at the Goodwill back in September. I was drawn to its carved detail and thought with a good coat of paint it could be something great. I do plan to use it as I finish decorating my guest room, but for now, it wasn’t being used for anything. I also had bought two of these Foil Garland Hearts at Dollar Tree. I didn’t really know at the time what I was going to make with them…I guess I was drawn to their sparkly quality! So, the other day I went down in my basement. I save all kinds of things to reuse or repurpose. Before I knew it, I found all these great element to make my decoration!

First, using a little garden wire, I wired the two hearts together.

My frame didn’t have any glass in it, so I cut a piece of the burlap ribbon and glued it on the top and bottom of the back of the frame. At the top, I left an unglued space {in the center} large enough to thread my satin ribbon through.

Once the glue on the burlap ribbon had dried, I used the garden wire to secure the heart to the burlap at the top and bottom. I then looped the red satin ribbon under the heart and around the back of the frame and glued it together. The ribbon looks as if it is holding the heart up…it is only for show. The heart is light enough that the wire holds it securely in place to the burlap.


And there you have it – simple Valentine Heart Art!


I hope you like the Heart Art and are inspired to create your own variation. I have more Valentine’s Day Projects over at Oh My! Creative. Stop over and check them out!

You can also see what I am creating and sharing on Pinterest, Google+,  Facebook,   Twitter,  and  Instagram!

Hope your day is Creative!


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  1. I love this Susan!! I wish I had it hanging in my house. šŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing!! XO

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