{Pillow Case Dress Re-purpose}

Yesterday I featured an adorable apron from Kate Designs {The Blog}. Since I had some baking to do and I know my girls would want “in” on it, I decided to make ones for each of them. Funny how life is sometimes. I remember years ago when my sisters (I have 3) and I were younger, my nana had made us these yellow and white striped aprons to wear at one of her backyard parties. We were NOT happy about it. I think I was about 8 or 10. She made us wear them and then pose for a picture (I’ll have to dig that up and post one day). I hate stuff like that. And now, here I am, 20+ years later making aprons for my girls. They were happy to wear them though. šŸ™‚ Yay girls!!!
Anyhow, I had picked up some fabric at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and decided that I would use it on the aprons. While looking in my fabric stash I came across this pillow case dress from Bella Grace Boutique that I was saving for something. No idea what but I loved the fabric and figured I could use it on something.
I took one look at it and knew exactly what I could use this for: the aprons. It was the perfect size. I loved the fabric and the pattern combination. Pink is Emilee’s favorite color and Gracie is easy so the pillow case dress it is.
All I did was cut the dress in half making 2 equal parts. Then I folded that top part down to make the top straight.
I sewed the edges and added a belt. They are a little different. Emilee wanted a bigger pocket and now it’s easy for me to tell them apart. The aprons, not the girls. lol
And here they are posing. Please ignore my horrible kitchen in the background and the equally, if not worse, photoshopping of the picture.

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  1. I am so proud of you, Diana! You are quite the homemaker!!! Very nice! Why don’t you have a contest on your blog for your friends to come up with centerpiece ideas for my wedding????!!!! lol šŸ™‚ Or favors!!! šŸ™‚

  2. I will see if I can dig up those pictures…although I don’t have the scanner hooked up…

  3. ohhhh, how adorable! I was a pre-k teacher for 19 years, and I always bought vintage aprons at yard sales for the kiddos to wear. Most of them had no idea what an apron was!
    very nice job!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Very cute fabric and sweet aprons on even sweeter girls!

  5. I LOVE this idea! I too make pillowcase dresses, have some lying around and teach preschool. What a great idea to make aprons for my sweet kids in my class!

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