So, this is going to be one of those boring type of posts that should really be reserved for my personal blog (which has been sorely neglected) but what the heck. Someone here may want to hear the grueling details of my regular, un-creative life. And if you don’t, can you humor me?

The weekend was insane. I had a haircut appointment with favorite hair dresser (who is back from hiatus………..THANK GOD!) which almost didn’t happen. While Mr. GC was demo-ing our backyard, he sends me on an errand to pick up an outdoor 3 prong outlet. Note to self…………none of the outlets say “outdoor” on them. Don’t ask me how I know. On my way back from Lowes, my car just decides to shut off. On a hill. And the husband doesn’t pick up the phone. It starts back up, gets me up the hill, then shuts off. Again. I made it home thankfully with enough time for Mr. GC to bring it to Nissan (i put my foot down about bringing it myself – totally not in the mood for getting stuck again), go rent us a car so we can go visit family on LI (we only have one personal car – the hubs has a work car), come back home and have a friend bring me to get my hair done. Brownie points for the husband and his friend who drove me.

$250 later (just for the rental), and the car is not fixed. It’s now Monday. We bring the rental car back, and then head onto another rent-a-car place (which Nissan is paying for by the way – brownie points for Nissan) to pick up our second rental in 3 days. I have to interject here and say that we rented a Chevy Traverse and I’M.IN.LOVE! Lord, help me. lol

Anyhow, I finally got my car back today which makes me happy and I guess makes Gracie happy too (she kissed the back door lol). I’m happy to know that I won’t be breaking down (at least I better not after spending an obscene amount of money) anytime soon. We needed to get our car worked over anyhow for our upcoming trip to Disney. Yes. we are driving from NY to Disney with 2 crazy girls. And Yes. We must be insane.

Since I’m running out of time and have to wrap this post up I will leave out the details of my fresh 3 year old who seems to be RUNNING. ME. RAGGED. this week and has decided that her goal in life is to drive me crazy. Pray for me! LOL

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your car trouble. But like you said, at least you can rest in the knowledge that it was just worked on when you’re taking your trip.

    Speaking of your trip, how exciting! When are you going? We just booked our own Disney trip this week – we’ll be there late September. I’m sure the little ones will have a BLAST! (I mean, we have a blast and we’re not-so-little anymore)

  2. CRAZINESS! “When it rains it pours!” Right?! So glad you got your car back and your hair cut and that you have survived being a mother of a 3 year old!;) So far anyway! SO FUN! Enjoy your day!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  3. Life’s an adventure. It’s like a roller coaster and you have to hang on for the ride with all the loopity loops in between. Glad you got your car fixed. My 3 yr old and yours would get along. I think its their job in life to make us go crazy or learn how to avoid it. I’m not sure which yet.

  4. Car troubles stink… but Disney ROCKS! We live three hours south and have annual passes. We won’t be going back until after the summer crowds go down though- too hot for us.

  5. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    I hate when my car messes up! I don’t think men quite understand how stressful having your car break down is for women…especially if you have the kiddos with you! Disney is so much fun, but that is a LONG roadtrip with little kids. We only live about 9 hours away and it seemed like the longest drive ever to me!

  6. Life does get crazy, doesn’t it (and then you blog, haha).

    It’s always nice when we hit the mountain top for a little while before crashing back down into the valley.

    Here’s to a mountain top soon!!!


  7. That was a crazy week. You will do fine driving from NY to FL. We just moved to NY from MN and we had to drive with our 3 and 11 yr olds and they did great. And last summer we took a road trip from MN to CA to see my parents and the 3 yr old did great then too. And had just turned 3 before that trip. Stickers kept him the busiest. I bought a bound notebook and lots and lots of stickers. I also bought a ton of pencil bags and filled them with little activities so all I had to do was grab a bag out. I posted about it here. Let me know if you need ideas for activities.

  8. i’m grateful to have found your blog, i’m now a follower…hope you follow me too!
    thanks flory

  9. um… so happy mother’s day??? I’m sure your 3 year old will snap out of it soon, hopefully for your sanity’s sake!

  10. This sounds like a post that I could have written! šŸ™‚ The haircut makes everything better, though, doesn’t it? (I just got one on Monday, so I know!)

    I don’t think you’re crazy for driving to Disney! We’re doing it too (from PA) in 2 weeks!

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