Spring Forward Tutorial

Who wants to play a game? We will call it “I have NEVER”! I will tell you things I have done and if you have done it or had it happen to you then you buy yourself a new craft project to make yourself feel better!

I had ALL of these great St Patrick’s Day craft ideas ready to go. I went to the store and bought my supplies and got started. This was the result of the first one:

Has this ever happened to you? Your can of spray paint goes INSANE and sprays everywhere BUT the right direction…even on the garage floor, Oh Just Kidding Hubby! I wasn’t spray painting in the garage because it was WAY too cold to go outside : D So has that happened to you? Your project is destroyed by a haywire can of paint, if so buy yourself something!

So that plan was scrapped….even after I tried it again and it did the same thing! Oh what? You have tried things more then once and it had the same outcome..isn’t that like the definition of insanity??

OK enough complaining, lets get on to the tutorial! Thanks again Diana for letting me do the holiday/seasonal craft this month. If you aren’t sure who I am, I am Kalyn from And I Thought I Loved You Then. I am here each month showing you a fun holiday or seasonal craft!

Oh wait..another I Have Never! Have you seen all of these amazing wood crafts out there and think I can totally do that? Then you realize you don’t have a jigsaw and you cut the tip of your finger off with hedge clippers and think it isn’t a good idea to buy a saw? What, I am the only one on that one?? FINE!

Well, when I realized a Jigsaw is not a good idea for ME I looked for someone to sell the unfinished, pre-cut wood. I stumbled across Wendy. She sells the wood kits, super cheap, and you can decorate them all you want! She has them for all holidays and seasons. Perfect for me!

When the kit arrives it is packaged super cute. It has the wood, some accessories, and directions in it. I bought a few kits but I decided to show you the Spring kit as it is snowing like mad here and I am protesting!

Start out with your wood, sand the edges just a bit to get the fuzzies off.

Now it is time to decide, do you want to paint your letters or paper them? I am SICK of paper around my house so I went with paint!

Prime all of the wood that is provided. I use spray paint as it is the easiest….OK I know earlier I said a can exploded on me but I am INSANE so I tried again!

Once it is all primed figure out your paint. Wendy gives a few suggestions on what colors to paint some pieces but you can be as creative as you want. I just went to the local hardware store and picked out some paints.

I’m a pretty messy spray painter

As they dry lets start on the bird. Take your bird and its wing and paper it with cute paper. Just trace it out and Mod Podge it on.

Wendy provides a few templates, one of those is for the beak of the bird. Cut out the template and cut out a beak on the orange paper she provides as well. Mod Podge it on.

Once it is all dry hot glue your wing onto your bird.

OK flower time. Once again she provides the templates and the paper. Here is a tip. If you don’t feel like cutting out the template, just lay it on the paper and trace over the flower outline with a pen. You will get the outline and only have to cut those flowers once. My flowers aren’t beautiful, they kind of look the flowers in my garden, you can tell they are flowers but not as pretty as my neighbors AWARD winning roses..blah blah blah…

Once you have both pieces of the flower cut out Wendy says to ink the edges. I like the look of inked edges but I only had Gold Ink…eh why not?

Now Mod Podge the two pieces together then glue the button, also provided, onto the middle of the flower. How Cute??

To make the stem of the flower take the wire, provided, and twist it together like at twisty tie, leaving a loop at the top. Glue the loop to the back of the flower petals and tada, a flower!

Take the wire and thread it through the hole in the beak. I twisted it around back and glued it so my little girls fingers don’t happen to steal the flower and hide it in her SUPER hidden hiding spot that mom can’t find and knows half off our stuff is there.

Once everything is dry, take the sticks and put them in the bottom of the bird for legs, and in the base to hold it up as the “I” in Spring. Put a dot of hot glue in each hole to hold them in place. You can add embellishments to the letters if you want, I did not because I tend to go overboard and end up not liking the end result.

You are done! Now that everything is dry, display it!

Thank you again everyone for following along to my tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it! I will see you again next month…hopefully without any more disasters!!


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  1. Your spring sign is adorable! I LOVE the bird! I was so happy to read about you spray painting in the garage. My husband came home one day and found me spray painting in the family room and he about died. He never gets upset and that was a close one! Hahah. Maybe because the windows were open and the wind blew the hot pink spray paint onto the TV and all the electronics. Now I learned. Dont open the windows šŸ™‚

  2. camp and cottage living says:

    It turned out pretty darling!
    Yep, we all have those moments when you just
    want to throw the whole project in the trash!

  3. Katherine says:

    Cute! Love the idea.

  4. Well, I’ve never had the spray paint can thing happen to me…..but…..it’s only never happened because I’m petrified that will happen and so I never buy spray paint!! Pathetic, I know.

  5. Very darling I have to say! I’m remembering plenty of crafting mishaps thanks to your post. Oh the horror! I’m truly surprised my husband puts up with me. We just call them learning experiences and assign the wasted money from supplies to the “education for life fund” portion of our budget.

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