Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub makes for the perfect rainy day activity to do with your children. Make a batch and share with friends. I’ll even supply you with the jar labels.

Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub with free printable labels


I am so happy to be sharing this DIY Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub recipe with you today! Like, really really happy! It’s one of those projects that you think up in your head and are completely over-the-moon thrilled when it ACTUALLY turns out the way you planned! Now, let me just say that I know I’m not the inventor of sugar scrub and there are a ton of great recipes out there for it. One of the most popular posts here at TGC is actually a post featuring 15 Homemade Sugar Scrub recipes so the idea of sugar scrub is not new. I will however say that I don’t think I’ve seen it made quite like this before!

Earlier this year I made this fun winter white sugar scrub  which was tons of fun. I knew that I wanted to come up with something for the summer.  And seriously, what says summer  more than lemonade, amiright? Love, love, love how this came out!


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4 oz mason jars

1/2 C white sugar

1/4 Coconut Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

1 (.48 oz) package of  pink lemonade mix

Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub

Take your sugar and your lemonade mix and combine in a small bowl. If your coconut oil is still in solid form, measure out 1/4 C and microwave it for about 15-20 seconds to turn it into a liquid form. Stir oil and sugars together until well blended. Add 1-2 drops of Doterra lemon essential oil and stir. Increase drops one-by-one until you get your desired scent. This amount fits perfectly into a 4 oz mason jar. If you want to make more than one, just double, triple, quadruple, etc. each of the ingredients.

Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub with free printable labels

I’ve made sugar scrub before a bunch of times. This was my first time using coconut oil. Let’s just say that I will be using coconut oil from now on. I was pretty amazed at how soft my hands were even a few hours after I had used the pink lemonade sugar scrub.

I created these fun coordinating printables for you to download. This sugar scrub would make a fabulous teacher appreciation or neighbor gift. I’m also thinking it might make a super fun baby or bridal shower favor.

Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub Labels

Download includes a full sheet of Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub labels. (6 labels per sheet) Print out on card stock or full sheet labels. I prefer to print mine out onto card stock so that I can reuse my mason jar lids easily without the extra work of trying to get the label off.

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  1. This sounds so yummy! (I know it isn’t for eating, but I couldn’t think of a better word.) šŸ™‚ Thank you for linking up and sharing at The Creative Exchange!

  2. I cannot find the recipe for the pink lemonade sugar scrub. I must be missing it somewhere here

    1. Try now. I found a mistake on one of the links. It should work now if you click “click here to keep reading”. Thanks for pointing this out to me. šŸ™‚

  3. i LOVE this! How long does it stay fresh? With the drink mix, would you have to keep it in the fridge?

    1. Hmmm……..I would say probably a few months or so? And no, no refrigeration necessary. šŸ™‚

  4. Can you use grapeseed oil instead of coconut oil?

    1. I’ve made sugar scrub with olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, etc. I’m thinking you can use Grapeseed oil. If you are worried about it, whip up a very small batch and see how it works out. šŸ™‚

  5. Rachel Megyery says:

    If i used Olive oil how much would I use? and would it be a little more liquid like? I am looking for more of a liquid like consistency rather than a dry rub šŸ™‚ TTIA

    1. I find that it’s not an exact science. I tend to play around a little bit with the sugar and the oil (whichever one I’m using) until I get the consistency I want. If you want a looser consistency, just increase the oil a little bit at a time until you get it the way you want. Just be sure to follow the scrub up with a hand soap so that your hands aren’t greasy from the extra oil.

  6. Hi! I was wondering if this scrub dyes the skin pink? I would like to give this as a baby shower favor but do not want to turn the guests pink.

    1. Hi Lori! I don’t think it does. I will say though that I did notice the palms of my hands were a bit pink after using it but I always rinse with hot water and I was rubbing my hands to be sure to rinse it all off so that could have been the reason. šŸ™‚

  7. Where do you buy the .48 oz. Lemonade packets? Can only find .17 oz????

    1. Bonnie – I purchased mine at Stop and Shop and it was their store brand. Try using 3 packets of the .17 oz. That will probably work just as well. šŸ™‚

      1. Thx so much! Cant wait to make it for bridal shower!

  8. I was expecting the scrub to smell more like pink lemonade. It is just so coconut-ty smelling…instead. Note: I couldn’t find the drink single mixes shown so I purchased the pink lemonade drink mix, store brand similar to Country Time, in a large container…and measured out a tablespoon. Any suggestions?

    1. I didn’t notice a coconut smell when I was making it. Maybe it was the brand of coconut oil you used? I think measuring a small amount of from larger container was a great idea. I probably would have done the same thing. šŸ™‚

  9. I am going to let my 5th and 6th grade Sunday School girls make this in class Sunday for Mothers Day gift. I am going to have to microwave the coconut oil at home before I go….how long will it stay in the liquid state. Im thinking since it is warm weather I will be fine! I found liquid coconut oil but it said…no coconut odor and Im thinking we want it to have some coconut smell right? It is so cute….love the labels too….found cute little jars with cork tops and cute little wooden spoons for dipping the scrub! Cant wait til Sunday! Thanks for the recipe

    1. What a fun idea! I’m sure the moms will love this! I think you should be okay with microwaving the oil beforehand. Mine is in a liquid state in my cabinets right now because the weather has been warmer so I think you’ll be fine. šŸ™‚

  10. I want to try these for my baby shower as party favors, but i am wondering, what kind of sugar did you use?

    1. Hi Alexis! I just used regular white granulated sugar. The same kind I’d use to bake cookies. Hope that helps. šŸ™‚ And congratulations on your baby! XOXO

  11. I am thinking about making these as favors for a bridal shower but just wanted to follow up on a couple questions – the measurements listed are for one jar, correct? When I measure out 1/4 cup of oil, it should be in a liquid state, yes? Does yours smell like pink lemonade and did it end up making your skin pink or anything? Thanks!

    1. Hi Laura! The recipe will fill about (2) 4 oz mason jars which is what I have pictured in the post. I don’t think it smelled a ton like lemonade but I’m sure you could add a few drops of lemon essential oils to the recipe to give it more of a lemon scent. I get asked the question a lot about turning your hands pink and I don’t *think* it does. When I used it, I washed my hand with hot water so my hands were a little pink from the that. You should follow up your use of sugar scrub with a bit of hand soap so that your hands don’t feel greasy from the oil so I think your hands will be fine. And yes, coconut oil should be in a liquid state. Feel free to microwave it for a few seconds before making the sugar scrub if yours has become solid. Happens to me sometimes. I hope I was able to answer all of your questions.:)

  12. Ahhh, such a great idea! I’m making these as party favors for my friend’s baby shower.

  13. So I loved this idea for a girls baby shower, so I made an example batch and you can’t really smell the pink lemonade. Is there a way to really get that smell? Did anyone else run into this?

  14. Hello,

    How do I print these labels? I can’t find the link šŸ™

    1. Hey Sarah! I updated the link. Please click the “Download” button. Thanks!

  15. bethreiley0 says:

    Hi Dianna, I’ve just found your site as I’m looking to make sugar scrubs for our female soldiers. I have downloaded the labels but there are only 6 per page and I need 9 per page. Any chance you have a way of adding that third row? I’m using Avery labels as I’m afraid card stock may fall off the containers. Thanks for your wonderful recipes and fabulous labels. I am so excited to be following you. Thanks, Beth

  16. Bernadette Caullay says:

    Hello, love this sugar scrub, making it for a baby shower, also want to print 9 labels on a sheet instead of 6…can you help? Thank you

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