21 of The Best At Home Summer Activities For Teens And Tweens (2023)

Keeping your tween or teen busy at home may seem like a challenge, as they often would rather go hang out with their friends or spend most of their free time on electronics. There are, however, lots of fun at home activities for teens. In fact, the long lazy days of summer are the perfect opportunity for them to get creative and maybe even learn something new that they really enjoy.

Your kids will stay busy all summer long with this awesome list of 21+ of the Best At Home Summer Activities for Teens and Tweens.

Summer Activities for Teens


During the school year your tween or teen might not get to spend all that much time at home, what with school, and extracurricular activities. When they get home there are often chores and homework to be done. You can’t really blame them if they think that there is nothing fun to do at home.

They might need a little reminder about just how much fun they can have at home, and no, that doesn’t mean that they have to spend all of their time playing video games or watching YouTube videos. 

There are loads of things to do in Summer for teenagers and tweens. They just need to use their imagination and think outside the X-box.

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If you are trying to limit the amount of screen time your older kids have for the summer but also don’t want to have to deal with a “bored” teenager then you need some ideas of fun activities that they will enjoy.

You don’t have to ban all screen time activities of course. There is nothing wrong with them spending some time playing video games with their friends or checking in on social media (if you allow it). They might even be interested in completing an online course to learn a new skill! 

Summer Activity Ideas



If your kids love to work with their hands, crafts are always a great idea. At the bottom of this post you’ll find 30 awesome summer craft ideas for teen girls and boys. While some of them focus on girly things, changing up colors or using your imagination will allow your child (whether boy or girl) to modify some these ideas to fit their style.


If crafting isn’t their thing, together you and your teen could come up with a bucket list of activities. They can refer to this list when they are bored and stuck at home. This could be anything from trying a new recipe, hosting a dance party for their friends, having a karaoke contest, or trivia night.

Make sure that the bucket list consists of some boredom busters that they can do on their own as well as some fun family activities. Every family has a bored teenager at some point during the summer so boredom busters are a must have.

Some activities that your bored teen or tween might enjoy completing on their own at home are writing a short story, making bath bombs or slime, or starting a YouTube channel. If your teen enjoys creating and making things, encourage them to start and complete art projects. If they love to travel or learn about new things suggesting virtual field trips is a great idea.


Make sure that you also include activities that the whole family will enjoy like a family movie night, family dinner, or family game night. You might also want to include some activities that your older kids and younger kids can do together even if the whole family isn’t participating like when mom and dad are at work. Helping siblings discover similar interests is a great way for them to build and keep a good relationship as they grow older. 


If your family loves being outdoors the summer is the perfect time to make some fun memories outside. Burying a time capsule, going on a scavenger hunt, taking a bike ride or putting together an obstacle course are just a few ways to get the whole family involved. If your family thrives on friendly competition, the obstacle course would be ideal.

If you have teenagers with younger siblings this is the perfect opportunity to teach your older kids some life skills about leadership. Put them in charge of these events and I promise a good time will be had by all.


If your family members enjoy spending more time inside than out, you can never go wrong with card games, board games or working on a jigsaw puzzle together.

Once you show your tween or teen that there are lots of fun activities that they can do at home they will likely come up with even more suggestions on their own. If you need some creative ideas to help get you and your tween or teen thinking of fun at home activities, especially on rainy days, then the round-up below is just for you! 

Summer Crafts for Tween and Teen Boys and Girls

Want some cool ways to convince your pre-teenagers and teens to take a break from screen time this summer? This collection of Summer Crafts for Tweens and Teen is perfect. From DIY scrunchies and tie-dye shirts to science experiments and marshmallow shooters, this collection will not disappoint.

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Silhouette and Cricut Crafts for Summer

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