This DIY Farmhouse Sign is trendy and budget-friendly. This is truly one of those projects where it’s cheaper to do it yourself.

DIY Farmhouse Sign | Free SVG File | Budget Friendly Farmhouse Signs

Yesterday I shared the Reindeer Names Sign that I made. What I didn’t mention was that I had made this farmhouse sign first. I had been seeing these signs all over blogs and Pinterest for the longest time and when I saw it in Hobby Lobby with a big price tag (well big for me) I decided that I’d try to make it myself. I’m happy to announce that this sign went off without a hitch…..unlike the reindeer names sign. OOoof. That one was rough.

Since I went into detail with all the how-tos in the reindeer names post, I won’t repeat myself. You can head over there for the step by step instructions. What I will tell you though is the breakdown of the price.  I made this a few months ago and don’t remember exactly so these are ballpark prices.

DIY Farmhouse Sign

12×24 Canvas

I bought a package of 2 and I think it was about $10.

1×2 Wood Strips

I bought them in 4 foot lengths and they were $1.99 each at Lowes


I had this in stock but you can buy a roll for under $10 and you’ll have plenty left over for another project.

Contact Paper

I used clear contact paper as my transfer tape and this is only a few bucks a roll. Also, you’ll have plenty left over.


I created this myself and you can download it below for FREE


You can pick up a small can at Lowes or Home Depot for just a few bucks

Overall Project Cost – Under $20. And the good news is that you’d have plenty of left over supplies for other projects.

DIY Farmhouse Sign with SVG File

Click the download link below to get the FARMHOUSE SVG.


Step by Step Instructions located in this Reindeer Names Post

DIY Farmhouse Reindeer Names Sign | Reindeer Names SVG File | Farmhouse Christmas Decorations



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