Printable Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List Printable

School for us in NY will be out in another few weeks and that means that I go from the role of mother to cruise director in 5 seconds flat after that final bell rings. I am all for sending the kids out to play to keep busy just like I did as a child but the creative person in me likes to keep busy and go places and do stuff. Last year I came up with the printable summer activities coupon book (which I failed horribly at letting them actually USE the coupons) so this year I decided to go with something a little different. I created this printable Summer Bucket List as a guide to help keep us busy this summer. This will also serve as reminder to the little people in my house at the end of summer that we actually went and did stuff, ya know when they start complaining and such.


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  1. Linda Langford says:

    I love doing crafts and love to cook but hate doing dishes. I enjoy the results of my labor.

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