If there’s ever a time for kids to be allowed to be kids, it’s now. The 1980’s was a simpler time and it’s always a good idea to bring some of the fun, joy and innocence back into our kids lives. Here are 100 Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Kids at 1980’s Summer.

The influences of this world on this generation is great. They are being forced to grow up at a rapid pace because of all that’s available to them at their fingertips.

We are having those hard conversations with them because of what’s going in in the world and it’s hard for them to just be kids, without a care in the world. This Summer 1980’s Bucket List is the perfect way to get their minds off of everything weighing them down.


Whether you do 1 thing or all 100, let this be the summer that your kids remember for years to come.

100 Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Kids at 1980's Summer | Budget Friendly Summer Boredom Busters | Minimalist Summer Activities for Kids

My kids are 18, almost 16 and 11 and as each year passes I’m realizing more and more how fast it all goes by. It’s time to make it count. It’s time they experienced a 1980’s summer. They may not be asking for it but I’m going to do my best to give them a piece of it. 

A few years ago I compiled this list of summer boredom busters and since these ideas are timeless I felt like it was worth re-sharing.

At our house we don’t really do summer camp. I’m a stay at home mom so childcare for the summer has never been an issue. We also take a beach vacation at the very end of summer so any extra funds are usually allocated to that. But that pretty much leaves my kids with a 2 month case of the “I’m bored’s”.

So for my own sanity I try to do little things with my kids. Usually it’s just a drive up north to hit our favorite ice cream shop. Or we will take a nice scenic drive and play a road trip scavenger hunt. Anything really to get out of the house.

This year I want to kick it up a notch. I want to not only spend time going for our summer drives but I want to take more time away from our devices and social media and do some simple things that make memories with my kids. This list is just the thing I need to inspire me to give my kids a simple, yet fun “1980’s” summer.

100 Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Kids 1980’s Summer

Throughout this list you’ll find 100 ideas to simplify summer. 100 inexpensive things to do with your kids. Here’s a sneak peek at the first 15 but there’s a LOT  more where that came from!! And you can download the whole list for FREE in on easy to print PDF file.

  1. Go geocaching! It’s fun and free. Find geocaches in your area online.
  2. Play hide-n-seek. It’s always a favorite! And if mom hides well, she may or may not enjoy 5 minutes of sitting down. lol
  3. Go swimming.
  4. Play in the sprinklers.
  5. Have a picnic in your backyard or at the park.
  6. Park Week ~ visit a new park each day for a week.
  7. Play at your local school’s playground. It’s nearby and most likely less crowded than other parks in your area.
  8. PLAY BALL! Dodge ball, tether ball, baseball, football, basketball, catch, tennis, racquetball, and more!
  9. Go for a bike ride.
  10. Take a hike or go for a walk.
  11. Create a masterpiece using sidewalk chalk.
  12. Make lawn art! Using a stencil and flour, you can decorate your lawn.
  13. Plant something: A plant, a tree, seeds, or a time capsule.
  14. Have a bike wash! A bucket of water with some soap, a sponge or wash cloth, a hose, and a bike makes for a fun time!
  15. Play Frisbee.

Friends. There is so much more where that came from! Download and enjoy! And remember, this is just a list of ideas to inspire you to dial the summer craziness down and bring you and your kids back to a simpler time. You will want to use Google and Pinterest for recipe inspiration and how-to instructions on some of these ideas.

Here’s another idea for summer that I know you’ll LOVE!

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  1. These are such fun ideas for summer! I need something to keep my kids entertained in the backyard tomorrow while we have our carpets professionally cleaned indoors. Thanks for sharing!!!

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