Introducing the Kids Prints Series

I had an idea and thought why not turn it into a series! It’s no surprise that i LOVE designing printables. I’ve had fun working on my encouraging prints the last month or so and I thought how fun would it be to create a bunch just for kids. Both of my girls bedrooms are in need of a little wall decor and TLC and that was part of the inspiration for this series.

Kids Print Wall Art Collection - Free Printables for Kids

EDIT: To see (and download) the whole collection, click HERE.

When I started designing this series I had a few ideas in mind for what I wanted the kids prints to say. I knew that I wanted them to be inspiring and positive. I wanted them to be reminders to whoever sees them to be the best they could be. Maybe there’s a kids who struggles with being shy. The Be Friendly print might remind them to take a chance and say “hi” even though its hard! Maybe someone struggles with being afraid. The Be Courageous, Be Brave and Be Fearless prints might inspire them to step out of themselves. Maybe your child is going through a phase and struggling to fit in. The Be Yourself print will remind them not to try to be anyone but themselves because being themselves is ENOUGH!

There are 16 prints in total and one print per day will be released from Sunday, July 8 through July 23.

Stop by tomorrow to see which one will be released first!

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  1. So much fun! Thank you!

  2. Is there any way you could still send me these printables? I would really like to use them in our new play room. The only one I can access is Be strong

    1. Hi Brittney, I just updated this post to include a link to all of the posts. Hope that helps. šŸ™‚ XO

  3. Thank for your sharing your talents! I’m going to use these as little notes of encouragement in my girls’ camp care packages.

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