I’m very excited to announce that Charlie from Attempting Aloha is here today sharing her tutorial on her Pottery Barn Knock-Off Lamp. She has a great blog so I hope you take some time out to go pay her a visit after you check this out. 🙂

I’ve been loving PB’s girly lamp for quite awhile:

Pottery Barn Kids

I knew my poor little Target lamp had the perfect make-over potential. She was just waiting for her day at the spa for a facelift!

I purchased this on clearance about 4 years ago. I know I wouldn’t have spent more than $15 for it.

I started by ripping about a million and seven  65 strips 20″ x 2″.

Then I had to de-thread the edges. The charmeuse fabric I used was SOOO stringy!

Then I stitched down the sides with the tension on the tightest and stitch length on the longest. So for my Singer Simple that meant turning the knob on the left to 9 and the one on the right to 4. 🙂

I didn’t worry about backstitching ends or anything. Just zipped them out really fast and ended up with a big pile of fluff:

Before this, I did attempt to do a different flower I’ve seen lots lately. The one on the right was rolled. I actually liked it better, but they took much longer, and they took up less space, so I would have had to do two million instead of just one million…

Since I had so many to do and since I knew it wasn’t going on something that will be touched or played with, I figured I’d cheat and skip any hand-stitching of the ruffles when rolling them into flowers. I just cut out circles of flannel (it’s what I had on hand) and hot glued the flowers right to the circles.

Under side after flowers were glued to circles.

I kept three ruffled strips and glued a strip at the bottom:

Then started gluing on the flowers:

I used the one lonely rolled flower to put over the pull chain temporarily. I plan to buy a cute jewel to put there instead.

Here she is all lit up at night:

And in her new home:

She has lovely views!

Quick recap:


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  1. Looks adorable! Very very cute, considering it is pink, my daughter would LOVE this in her room :)…off white or cream, and it is MINE! Lol

  2. Your lamp is so cute. I made a small lampshade this week too, aren’t they so fun to make. I love the pink roses.

  3. I love this! I can’t believe you made if for 90% off the original cost.

  4. This lamp is so pretty! It’s amazing how little you can spend on something that looks so expensive. I love it!


  5. That is so beautiful!! I will have to try this!
    Thanks for sharing this!


  6. I love this blog. As soon as I push ‘post comment’ I am headed over to the side bar to follow you!

  7. I like yours better! How very cute and feminine. Thanks for the inspiration!

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