The simplest of gift wrap can come to life if you add a pretty bow. Here are two printable holiday gift bows for you to download. Quick to make, they will brighten up your gifts in minutes. There are two style – one bow-tie and one with tails – and a matching label to finish off your parcel.

Printable Holiday Gift Bows

You will need:

  • The PDF download
  • Scissors and glue

How to make:

  1. Add glue to the centre. Both bows start with the same basic shape.
  2. Bring each edge in and glue into place in the center.
  3. Flip the bow over and add glue to the centre. Don’t press the outside edges down as this flattens the bow and you will loose the 3D bounciness.
  4. For the Bow-tie Style: place the back piece pattern-side down, lining up the centres, and glue in place.
  5. Flip the bow over and pull the bottom tab up and over the front of the bow towards the back.
  6. Glue the tab in place on the back of the bow. Again, be careful not to press down and flatten the centre of the bow if you want to retain its springy, 3D-look.
  7. For the Tails Style: place the tails piece pattern-side down, lining up the centres, and glue in place.
  8. Flip the bow over and pull the bottom tab up and over.
  9. Glue the tab in place on the back of the bow.

Printable Holiday Gift Bows

The bow is ready to use and looks great with the matching label. The bows would also look sweet as a Christmas decoration – perhaps strung as bunting or added to your tree.

I hope you enjoy using these printable holiday gift bows and have a wonderful and peaceful time with friends and families.

Printable Holiday Gift Bows


Jackie lives in the UK with her partner and son. She founded her shop and blog — It’s Organised — with the aim of putting the joy and creativity back into gift-giving. Sign-up to her newsletter to keep up to date with new tutorials, products and gift ideas.

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