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Making a Faux Boxwood Bunny Wreath is so simple and cheap that you’ll want to make and gift them to everyone you know this Easter.

Faux Boxwood Bunny Wreath | Easter Door Decor | Easter Wreaths | Easy Crafts

About a month or so ago I was shopping and saw the cutest grapevine bunny wreath but for whatever reason I decided not to buy it. Fast forward to later on that day I decided that I should just make one instead. I didn’t have any grapevine wreaths laying around but I did have a few sets of faux boxwood garland that I picked up during the holidays at Target. I got to work while the kids were doing homework and was thrilled that this project was so quick to make and came out as cute as I had hoped.

Faux Boxwood Bunny Wreath

Since I whipped up the first one without paying attention to measurements and details I decide to make another one (this one to gift to someone) so that I can share with you how easy it is make.

Faux Boxwood Bunny Wreath

Since some of these supplies were leftover from Christmas I realize that they may be hard to come by. Don’t worry about that though. This project will work great with grapevine wreaths or any type of berry garland that has wire in it. You’ll need 6.5 yards total. Just use this post as your guide and let your imagination take over.

Greenery Garland (Boxwood)

Thick Wired Ribbon

Regular Ribbon

Wire Cutter

To start off you’ll need to make 2 circles out of the greenery garland. The first circle will be the bottom of the bunny’s body. Measure 3 yards of garland and cut with wire cutters. You’ll want this circle to be about 10 inches wide so wrap the garland around itself 3x and secure the end by wrapping it around your circle. Since the garland is made from wire this is super easy to do and no additional wire is necessary.

Next you’re going to  measure a 2 yard length of garland and cut. Follow the same instructions as creating the bottom and this will be the bunny head. It will measure about 7 inches when complete.

DIY Bunny Wreath

Now cut (2) 20″ lengths from the remaining garland and make the ears.

DIY Bunny Wreath

At this point you should have a short length of garland left – maybe about 6 inches or so. Cut (2) 2″ lengths from the remaining garland. You are going to use these 2 pieces to attach the head to the bottom. Once you have that done, take your ears and attach to the head. I don’t have a photo to show you this part exactly but you will place each ear on the head with about an inch or so of the ends past the head. Take these ear ends and wrap around the head so that the ears stay put. Finish the project off by tying a bow to the base of one of the bunny ears with the regular ribbon and use a thick, wired ribbon to tie a bow around the bunny’s neck.

DIY Bunny Wreath | Faux Boxwood Wreath

I just love how adorable this came out. As I mentioned earlier I plan on gifting this Faux Boxwood Bunny Wreath to a friend for Easter. While this bunny is fun to give, I’m a bit more excited about the funny card I chose to pair with this gift. Knowing I was giving a bunny wreath away, I of course wanted to pick up a bunny card to go with it. While shopping at Target I found the perfect card. Anyone that knows me knows that I love to laugh and joke around. Well this buck-tooth bunny card from the Target greeting card area was perfect!

Faux Boxwood Bunny Wreath

DIY Bunny Wreath

“Wiffing you a vewwy Haffy Eafter!”

I can’t take it. So funny! I may have to make a few more of these to give out and grab a few more of these cards because I have quite a few friends who would get a kick out of it!

I’m a giver by nature and I love to give gifts. What I may love more though is finding the perfect card to give to someone. Although I’m a blogger and a writer sometimes words escape me. That’s where finding a perfectly worded card comes in handy. Many times it’s the card that someone receives that becomes more valuable than the gift itself. I’ve been on the receiving end of many cards (and gifts) in my lifetime and I can’t tell you how many times the card touched me more than the gesture of the gift. And honestly, I’d take a sincere card with heartfelt words over a gift any day of the year. Filling an already great card up with your own thoughtful, hand-written sentiments takes the whole gift-giving experience up a notch.

Now, Target has a pretty awesome card section. My kids are I tend to gravitate to the card section just for kicks on many of our trips to Target. We love to go to the section where you’ll find the cards with furry eyebrows on babies. I need to be friends with whoever thought that one up! My girls and I laugh and make a scene trying to find a card that’s funnier than the last.

Easter is coming up and Target has a giant section of Easter cards. Plenty of funny ones (I had a hard time picking one out), serious ones, generic ones and religious ones. No matter who you need to pick up an Easter card up for, you’ll find it in the Target card section.

Faux Boxwood Bunny Wreath | Easter Door Decor | Easter Wreaths | Easy Crafts

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