Michaels Fabric Line

I came across some news that I think many of you may find pretty exciting…………..especially if you live nearby to a Michaels. They now sell pre-cut fabric! Yeah, I know! For those of us who can sew or even just want to try their hand at it, this is a great news.

Michaels Precut Fabric

The pre-cut fabric, includes cotton, canvas, burlap, felt, faux fur, crushed velvet and tulle, and will be available in a variety of sizes from a half-yard to 2 yards. The pre-cut fabric will be carried in the majority of U.S. and Canada stores.  “With the addition of crafting fabric to our mix, our customers can find everything they need for their projects in one store,” said Michaels Executive Vice President of Category Management Philo Pappas. “And because the fabrics are pre-cut, customers can simply select the size they need and be on their way – no waiting for measuring and cutting.”

That right there is a bonus especially if you are in a rush or you have kids in tow. One less line to wait on for any mom is a huge deal!

Michaels Fabric

Next week I will be sharing a fun project that I made using the pre-cut fabric from Michaels so keep your eye out for that post! In the meantime, check out the Michaels Pinterest Boards for some wonderful project ideas.

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