Easter. Just a few days away. Are you all ready? I have a super cute and quick Easter project for you. If you are looking for a last minute favor or gift idea, these hand stamped Easter bags are just the thing!


I picked up these cute little fabric bags in the dollar bin in Target and dressed them using my PSA Essentials stamp. Easy as 1-2-3.

Let me stop a sec and talk about PSA Essentials. I joined their creative team this year so I’ve gotten the chance to try out a bunch of stamps. and really get a feel for how it works. If you are a stamp-a-holic or just a crafter that loves simple things, you really want to check out PSA Essentials. The stamp itself is super easy to use. It’s self-inking which means the ink goes right into the stamper itself. You can change the color whenever you need to and even that is simple to do.  You never run into the problem of getting those little corners of ink on your projects that sometimes happen when you use a regular block stamp. All you need to do is place your stamp where you want it and push down. Boom, done!


You can mix and match the outer design and the inner design. Each stamp is interchangeable.  You can order custom stamps too. I have an address stamp that I LOVE and I also have one with my blog name and web address. Such fun!


Once I picked out my color and  my design, creating these Easter bags was a piece of cake. I have so many ideas of  how I want to use the stamps and the bags next. For Easter, think about filling these guys up with jelly beans, stickers, a set of jacks, a deck of cards…anything. What a fun little favor this would be for your Easter guests or hand them out Easter Sunday at church just because.

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