Cocoa Pebbles Reindeer Ornament

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I bet  you never thought you could use Cocoa Pebbles to make Christmas ornaments. But you totally can and it’s totally fun. Let me show you how easy it is to make it Cocoa Pebbles Reindeer Ornament.

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Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles have been around for more than 40 years and they are family favorites for many. I will even admit that Fruity Pebbles is the first cereal I will go for when given the chance. I may even go for a second bowl to use up all that extra milk. Yum. The various pebbles cereals, whether fruity, cocoa or special edition, each box is loaded with bright colors and crunchity, crunch, crunch, crunch! While you often see them used in recipes for marshmallow treats and other desserts we decided to use them in a different way. Reindeer Christmas ornaments are popping up all over the place this year so we decided to try our hand at one by using Cocoa Pebbles.

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One box of Cocoa Pebbles cereal (hint: you will have leftovers to munch on)
Clear glass or plastic Christmas ornaments
Googly eyes
Small red pom-poms
Gold or brown pipe cleaners
Hot glue gun

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The first thing you want to do is remove the silver hook from the top of the clear Christmas ornament. Next you will fill up the ornaments with Cocoa Pebbles. After every bunch of cereal I put in my ornament, I shook the ornament up so that the cereal would settle and there would be room for more. Once the ornament was completely filled up with Cocoa Pebbles I put the the silver hook back on the ornament.

cocoa pebbles2

Next I took a gold pipe cleaner and wrapped it around the top of the ornament two times with the ends both pointing up in the air for antlers. I applied hot glue in several spots to secure the pipe cleaner to the ornament. I then took another pipe cleaner and cut it into small pieces with a pair of scissors. I took those pieces and wrapped them around the pipe cleaners that were sticking up in the air. This gave the pipe cleaners the appearance of antlers.

Lastly I hot glued to googly eyes and one red pom-pom to the front of my Christmas ornament. Now you have a simple and festive Cocoa Pebbles Reindeer Ornament to hang on your tree or give as gifts.

Cocoa Pebbles Reindeer Ornament

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