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Have you been wandering around yard sales and flea markets this summer? Have you wondered what the heck those spiky metal things were that no one bought? These little guys are called FROGS…they were made to sit in a vase or other container to hold flower stems in place, prior to the florist foam we can use now. These little beauties came in many forms: copper, glass, wire, and even porcelain. Many are widely available at flea markets and even garage sales!
I have a small collection, and no, this photo below is not mine (thank you Martha Stewart!), but I have vowed to never spend more than $5 per frog, so my collection is limited and mostly glass.There have been a few times I’ve found new frog tops on little glass dishes, but they were made in China…not so into that.

Frogs are easy to collect and you don’t have to feed them! 

I recently purchase one for $2 and it got me thinking about other uses for these sweet gems. For years I’ve been using a large one as a pen holder on my desk, and it is super handy to have. But there are other uses too…I came up with a few new ones yesterday:

Photo by Me

1. Jewelry Display – the earrings you wear the most can be kept tidy and at hand

Photo by Me

2. Makeup Holder – keep eye pencils, hair scissors and other skinny items on your vanity nice and neat

Photo by Me

3. Ribbon Dispenser – place spools of ribbon in a jar or dish and push the ends through the holes of your frog, place the frog on top of the jar and Voila! You have an easy ribbon dispenser. (You need the frog and jar to fit together well)

Photo by Me

4. Spoon Rest – display teaspoons for a tea party

Photo by Me
5. (My favorite!) Keep chargers, camera cables, and USB cords handy (and plugged in)
Photo by Me

Other ideas: toothbrush holder, crayon or colored pencil holder for a child’s desk, mini flag holder for a table display, place your favorite decorative bobby pins or hair clips in a frog so you can find them quickly, and obvious choices like a placecard holder, photo display and more. Be careful when handling those sharp metal varieties…very painful!

Photo by Casual Cottage Chic

Photo from Real Simple
Photo from Kaboodle

I’d love to hear your uses for these little fellas. Isn’t it great to collect something that you can actually use? It’s all about re-purposing right? Hope you’re having a great summer collecting what you love.

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  1. BluBabesCreate says:

    That was a great post! Thanks for the great idea! We just turned our deck into a pergola, that was our big re-purpose project as of late.

  2. Michelle at Dilly Dally and Flitter says:

    love love love these! Always on the hunt for a cool new way to store goodies!
    Thanks Sarah for a great post!


  3. FancieStrands says:

    I have like 5 of these hanging around my house. Now I know some creative ways to use them. Thanks. Loved this post.

  4. Just popped over from the Blog Guide! Great ideas … I use my frogs to display vintage postcards and photos in my home. Love your ideas with the glass frogs – don’t have any of those-yet;)

  5. How cool is that!! I never knew they were callec frogs and I never would have really even noticed them if not for your post. So…thanks! :-)) I love the idea with the ribbons! I’m always wrestling with my ribbon disks.

  6. Brilliant! Love the uses you share for the frogs like cellphone cords. Ihave picked up a few recently and I love them. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Cranberry Morning says:

    Those are SUCH cute ideas!! Love the photo of the entire collection. Gives me inspiration. šŸ™‚

  8. Sarah (Blog Guidebook) Bradford says:

    Thanks for your sweet comments everyone! Hugs!

  9. I am also a collector of frogs. I love the metal ones but I find the glass ones to be more affordable and plentiful. I’v got about a dozen of the metal ones and am looking for an attractive way to display them.

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