Our First Ever Contest – Prize: Bloggy Makeover!

I think it’s time to give 
The Girl Creative Blog 
a little makeover. I get tired of my designs pretty quickly and I’ve had this one for awhile so I think it’s time. 
And I need YOUR help!
I’m keeping the name of course but I’m feeling like I want to add a tagline to the header. I’m stumped. I still have total mommy brain and can’t come up with anything witty and catchy that I like.
So, here’s where you come in:
Leave me a comment with your suggestion for a new tagline for the blog and if yours is chosen, you will win a bloggy makeover by me. The bloggy makeover will include Custom Header, Coordinating Background (if desired), Grab Button and 3 Social Media Icons (Facebook, Twitter, and RSS).
On your mark. Get set. GO!

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket sahre my buttonPhotobucketWhimsy Couture Pattern ShopCrafty Cupcake GirlPhotobucket

Due to the amount of content that is used without permission and proper credit, I am no longer allowing a full RSS feed. I value each and every reader so I hope you will click through and come visit!


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  1. … Because creativity ain’t a job for men… (or you can be grammatically correct, but I’m from East Texas and that’s how we roll)

  2. I’m just going to type and see what my brain throws out there…

    The Girl Creative…On a Mission to Admire and Inspire

    The Girl Creative… Creating Beauty Out of Chaos One Day at a Time

    The Girl Creative… That’s Right…Not “A” Girl, “The” Girl.

    The Girl Creative… Where Inspiration + Imagination = Adoration.

    How fun is this???

  3. Duct Tape, Glue Guns, Stitches and Staples, Whatever it takes to get the craft done.

    Duct Tape, Glue Guns, Stitches and Staples – getting the craft done.

  4. The Girl Creative: for today’s creative girl

    The Girl Creative: all creative, all the time

    The Girl Creative: chasing everyday inspiration

    The Girl Creative: pairing pretty with practical

    The Girl Creative: practically pretty

    The Girl Creative: changing the world one project at a time

  5. The Girl Creative…Creating Life One Day At A Time.
    The Girl Creative…Embellishing On Life
    The Girl Creative…Inspiration At Your Fingertips
    The Girl Creative…Making Every Day A Special One
    The Girl Creative…Creatively Living Life

  6. Here’s one similar to my blog tagline with a word about each topic I blog about…but this one is an acrostic for Creative!

    The Girl Creative: Crafts, Rounds Up, Eats, Admires, Teaches, Inspires, re-Vamps, Enjoys!

    Oh man, the V had me stumped… Hope you like it!

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