Faux Chalkboard Signs

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I had the wonderful opportunity to be apart of Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores’ “Cape Discovery” Summer Crafting Challenge! I was given access to their spring catalog which had 72 featured crafts in it and I had to choose one to make. There were so many great ones to choose from but I wound up going with Chalkboard Signs. This was a super simple and fun craft to make. I actually made it outside while my girls were swimming in the pool. And I even saved some of the supplies so that they can make their own too!

Faux Chalkboard Sign

Supply List

  • Crayola washable sidewalk chalk
  • Black foamcore board
  • Brown Foamie™ sheets
  • Sharpie™ marker: brown
  • Krylon Matte Spray Clear Finish
  • Tacky glue (I used Mod Podge)
  • Craft knife

Chalkboard Sign Supplies

Take your Krylon Matte Spray Clear Finish and spray the black foamie sheets. Allow to try.  I found the sheets much easier to write on with the chalk AFTER I sprayed them. Once they’re dry cut them down to the size you want. I took mine and cut them in half.  There was only 2 black foamie sheets left and I knew I wanted to make a few signs so cutting them each in half gave me enough for 4 signs.

Chalkboard Signs

While your black foamie sheets are drying, take your brown foam sheets and cut them roughly in strips to frame the chalkboard. After you have all of your pieces cut out, take your brown sharpie and try to make the strips look like wood grain. I only had a fine point sharpie on hand so it quickly ran out of ink. I took my craft knife and made very shallow cuts on the brown foam strips and I found that gave it the same basic look.

Faux Wood

Notice my little swirls? They are supposed to be the knots you find in wood. {I’m lame! ha ha} By this time your “chalkboards” should be dry so you can take your washable chalk and create your signs. Once you are done writing on the chalkboard, take your glue and glue the “wood” onto the foam. TIP: I took a small medicine cup, you know the ones that come with liquid medicine, and poured some glue into it. I then used a paint brush to brush the glue on. It was less messy that way and worked like a charm!

Faux Chalkboard SummerLovin

Faux Chalkboard ToThePool

Faux Chalkboard SummerLovinCloseup

The final step is to take the Krylon Matte Clear Spray Finish and spray the completed chalkboard signs. This will keep the chalk from smudging.

Here’s a side by side of my project vs. Jo-Ann’s. What do you think? (be gentle! lol)

Faux Chalkboard Signs

This really wash a fun project for me to do. It gave me plenty of ideas using the black foamie boards for some future chalkboards. It was also my first time using Krylon’s Matte Finish Spray which I’m always excited to try some new products.

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Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

*Disclaimer: I received a $25 gift card to Jo-Ann’s to purchase my supplies for this project. The thoughts are entirely my own.

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