My mantel (shelf) is sort of in between seasons and holidays right now. I have my scrapbook paper covered candles still up from Valentine’s Day and then some framed Easter art that me and my girls worked on a few weeks ago. In that mix is an everyday piece of artwork that I just finished last week. Eventually I will get to changing everything over completely to plain everyday decor for the spring and summer but that might take a few weeks (or never since I’m a major procrastinator) so I wanted to show you this Faux DIY Pallet Art I made. For now it sits on my shelf but it would look great wall decor as well.

Pallet Wall Art

Hobby Lobby has these bundles of random wood (more like MDF) with all different shapes and sizes for about $10. I purchased mine with a 40% off coupon so it was such a bargain. I’ve used a few pieces already but till have a ton left over.  I had originally painted these rectangle wooden pieces months ago with another project in mind but that never panned out. I painted them using just regular white craft paint and I sanded the edges a bit to make them look worn. I used Elmer’s Wood Glue to glue the pieces together. I glued them together a little jagged so that they would look a bit uneven on the edges.

Mini Pallets

I came across this quote awhile ago and have it pinned to my Sayings board on Pinterest and I knew it was perfect for this project:

Don’t let comparison steal your joy.

Not only did it fit perfectly but it’s something that really speaks volumes to me. And it’s been a great conversation piece for my kids. They have asked what it means and I’ve been able to use it to teach them to be grateful. My 6 year old even told one of the neighbor kids about it.  šŸ™‚

I made a stencil out of vinyl using Silhouette Cameo and placed it on the pallet where I wanted it.

Vinyl Stencil

I didn’t have any grey paint so I mixed black and white  together and just painted it on with a foam brush.

DIY Pallet Stencil

To finish it off I took some sandpaper (I am SO clueless when it comes to grit and numbers, etc. so I will tell you that the sandpaper very fine and not very rough) and lightly sanded over the painted lettering. This part came in super handy because I peeled the stencil off before the paint was dry and a few tiny pieces bled through. Sanding it took care of all that.

DIY Wall Decor

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  1. Stopping by from Red Fly Creations šŸ™‚ Love your quote and it turned out great!

  2. I gotta tell you I love this:) Just pinned from our pinterest party!

  3. This is fantastic and seems easy to do! I really like the saying as well. So often we allow comparisons to steal what we may love to do.

  4. Love this – and boy, did I need it this week!
    Thanks for linking this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

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