Painted Polka Dot Easter Eggs are a fun project to do alone or with your kids that will get you into the Easter decorating spirit!

Easy painted polka dot Easter Eggs

For years I’ve been decorating Easter eggs with my kids and I’ve always had 2 dilemmas. The first one is that during the coloring process at least one of my kids (if not both) will drop the hard boiled egg and crack it. My second one is that we don’t eat a ton of hard boiled eggs so we always wind up throwing the eggs out after Easter resulting in waste. Well, imagine my surprise when I came across these faux eggs in Walmart. Am I the only one who had no idea they even existed???

Easter Eggs-before

I was so excited to get started dying these eggs but when I did, I ran into another dilemma. They are hard to dye because they are so light and just float. I’m sure there’s a way to do it but I opted to go another route. I took paint and round tip foam brushes and created Painted Polka Dot Easter Eggs. For this project I used these brushes from Darice. The little ones are the perfect size for this project.

Painted Polka Dot Easter Eggs

foam brushes


All you need to do for this project is squirt various colors of craft paint on a paper plate, dip the tip of the brush in the paint and randomly place polka dots on the eggs. So simple.

Easter Eggs-no text

Now you have pretty painted polka dot Easter eggs to add to your Easter basket or decor. The best thing about this is that these eggs won’t crack which will make for happy kids!

Easter Eggs-Feature


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