This free printable Easter Cootie Catcher is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face and lots of laughs.

Easter Cootie Catcher-Download and print your free Easter Cootie Catcher for Easter fun with kids

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Back when I was a kid we called them fortune tellers. I’m not too crazy about that name now that I’m an adult so when I heard them called cootie catchers instead, I knew that’s what I would be calling them from now on.

My sister Kate and I  loved making these as kids…back when all we had was loose leaf paper and a pen. We used to write the silliest things inside that would sure to get a laugh. It would usually include something like “I smell farts” or “smell my feet”. lol

It’s still a ton of fun for kids to write their own things inside but just in case you want one all filled out, I’ve got you covered!

Free Printable Easter Cootie Catcher for Kids

Free Printable Easter Cootie Catcher

All you need is your home printer and some plain white copy paper. I have some fun video assembly instructions for you too! Now don’t laugh at my chubby little hands. Ha ha

When I designed this Easter Cootie Catcher I filled it up with a combination of saying and activities as you can see from the graphic further up in the post. I get that part of the fun with these cootie catchers is coming up with your own silly sayings and activities so I’m including a blank cootie catcher as well.

Blank Printable Cootie Catcher - can be printed and filled out for any occasion.

Click links below to download and print your free

Easter Cootie Catcher


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Download COMPLETED Easter Cootie Catcher

Download BLANK Easter Cootie Catcher

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