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Placemat Pillow Tutorial While shopping at Target for a few accessories for my living room, I came across these SUPER cute placemats. I noticed that the placemats were fully lined, meaning they were two pieces of material sewn together with a nice finished edge. The first thing that came to mind was that they would make great {and cheap} pillows!
I bought two placemats. They were on sale for $3.75 each! I also picked up a 16 oz bag of Cluster Stuff {the white fluffy stuff used to fill pillows} for $4.50.
To get started, I checked around all four edges of the placemat and found the seam they used to turn the placemat. If you look carefully you should see that there is about a 2-3 inch place where the stitching is a little different.
Then I used my seam ripper to pull the thread and make a hole in the side of the placemat. Make sure that the hole is big enough to stick your hand in to make it easier to stuff.
Then I filled up my placemat turned pillow with the Cluster Stuff. One 16 oz. bag was just enough to stuff both of my placemats.
Then I used my sewing machine to stitch up the side of the new pillow. You could also easily do this with just a needle and thread.
I think they looks great on my new couch.
And they were a great deal too! I got two pillows for only $12.oo!
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  1. Neat! I’ll be on the lookout for similar placemats; no Target here in BC but I’m sure I can find some that would work!

  2. Love those place mats that you chose! Beautiful. The yellow is great! I am going to have to try this!

  3. Ingenious! Thanks for sharing.

  4. You are so creative! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  5. I’m a new follower and your blog is too cute! I’m about the furthest from crafty but we are moving to a new placeso I’m going to try and experiement with all these ideas I’m finding. :)I have the perfect placemats to use for this too! 🙂

  6. this really makes me want to start looking at all my placemats. what a smart idea

  7. Love it! What a great and easy idea! And considering what Pottery Barn et al charges for a throw pillow, it’s a great way to save!

  8. you may have just started the next new craze

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