Creative Ways to Decorate with Pallets

You don’t have to look far to see that pallets are the latest (and can I say cheapest?) material for all kinds of home decor projects. Pallets are not hard to find at all, either!  You can grab them from stores, from Craig’s List, and even from the side of the road, if you’re not too embarrassed (I’m not, by the way). If you are looking for that rustic, farmhouse design on a budget, pallets are the way to go.

Check out these Creative Ways to Decorate with Pallets.

1| Strawberry Pallet Planter from Lovely Greens

This strawberry planter is not only functional but also doubles as adorable outdoor decor!

2| DIY Pallet Gardening Tools Organizer from Our Little Acre

I don’t think there is a better way to make outdoor tools look pretty. It almost makes me want to do yardwork!

3| Industrial Pallet Wood Nightstand from DIY Joy

I love the clean, neat, simple lines of this table! It really would work so well with so many types of decor.

4| DIY Reclaimed Wood Pallet Mudroom Bench from 99 Pallets

The cutest way ever to keep your mudroom organized! The bottom shelf is great for cubbies, shoes, or just keep it neat, clean, and empty (for now)!

5| Pallet Reading Bed from Under the Sycamore

If my littles had this bed, we would stay here all. day. long.

6| Outdoor Pallet Bar from DIY Joy

I love the style that this would add to any backyard. Rustic but fancy!

7| Pallet Outdoor Swing Lounge from 1001 Pallets

Oh my gosh, is this even real?? Please? Someone? Make me one right now?

8| Pallet Couch from eHow

This couch would look amazing both indoors and outdoors.  A modern take on the futon look!

9| Triangle Pallet Planters from Love Create Celebrate

I can think of so many places in my yard that these would look fabulous. I would put them everywhere! Instant style!

10| DIY Rustic Pallet Headboard from DIY Projects

I would love something like this the next time we do a bedroom makeover! I love the little shelf on top. It can double as a nightstand if you wanted to keep a clean, minimalist look in your bedroom.

I truly love this pallet look! There are so many ways you can use this versatile piece of wood and clean it up as inexpensive home decor. Stylish and inexpensive? Pallets for the win!

Looking for some wall decor to accent your new pallet furniture?  This Foam Arrow Wall Art would be a great fit!


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