I had such grand ideas to make some custom dish towels today but that whole project was a bust! I tried to use a piece of muslin that I had kicking around and that part actually came out pretty good but when it was time to use some fusible interfacing and snaps, I ran into some problems. I think I hammered the snaps too hard and they got all wonky. Then the brilliant crafter that I am decides to iron the interfacing on AFTER I took the paper backing off. Ummm, yeah, I tried to iron my appliques onto the interfacing after I peeled the paper off. End result, stuff stuck all over the ironing board cover and the iron. For some reason interfacing confuses me. If I don’t have the instructions handy, I’m a total spazz. lol So, no project to show off today.

I do however have a really cool new sponsor to introduce you to. Love, September is a fabulous Etsy shop that sells handmade pouch slings, tutus, capes and much more. Actually, my favorite product of theirs is their custom Child’s Play Teepee. They are so stinkin cute! So, please show your support by taking a gander over to Love, September and doing a little shopping.

I would love to hear about your crafting mishaps. We can all laugh at each other and then we all won’t feel so dumb. lol Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what your worst crafting mistake has been. I promise to laugh with you, not at you. 🙂

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  1. Girl, I know how you feel. When I first started sewing, oh my, I was a HOT MESS!!! hee hee! That interfacing can be so tricky. I would have that sticky stuff all OVER my iron! 🙁

    Last night, I was doing another craft using my hot glue gun, and we’ll just say I wasn’t “feeling” so crafy. I had more hot glue on me than my project 🙁

  2. LivingInspired says:

    I totally don’t get fusible interfacing. Which side is the side that’s supposed to stick? Why does it not stick? What the hell is that stuff! Thanks for making me feel like not so much of a dork when it comes to that darn interfacing!

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