Hello again The Girl Creative readers, it’s Barbara from Chase the Star! So happy to be back, this time with my Spring Mantel!

If you are familiar with my blog, you know I repurpose anything and everything and I rearrange my home decor for sport.

Spring Mantel1.www.chasethestar.net

This years Spring Mantel is no exception, I shopped my house for inspiration and came up with a few pieces that would fit the mantel perfectly this time of year. I decided to go with brights this season, after a dreary winter, I look forward to a colorful spring! For an added punch of color, I made a wreath out of split peas!

Split Pea Wreath1.www.chasethestar.net

The Split Pea Wreath was easy to make:

Split Pea Collage.www.chasethestar.net


A wreath form (any size you like will do)

3 packages of dried Split Peas

Clear glue

Large tray or pan

Ribbon of your choice

Directions {Clockwise from the left}:

1. Spread the peas out onto the tray

2. Add glue to the wreath (generously) and spread it with your finger (or a brush)

3. Place the wreath on the peas (glue side down), and hold firm for a few seconds

4. Repeat as often as necessary to cover the entire wreath

Allow to dry completely

Add the ribbon to the top

Split pea wreath collage2.www.chasethestar.net

Easy PEAsy right {wink}?

I think I can use this as a base for my Christmas wreath too!

The mantel was also simple to put together. From other parts of my home I borrowed:

An old shutter piece that I had painted black and added a small chalkboard to a while back. I just used wet chalk to write a simple Springtime message on it.

Spring Mantel3.www.chasethestar.net

In the center I used a vintage window that usually lives in my foyer.

spring mantel4.www.chasethetar.net

And on the other side, a few empty frames. A large one made out of planks (a FREE Craigslist find!), and a small estate sale frame that I painted Neptune Blue (by Behr).

Spring Mantel2.www.chasethestar.net

That little white owl came from Michael’s, last Spring! The “Home” sign, is from Walmart..you guessed it–I painted that one too!

spring mantel4.www.chasethetar.net

To top it off, I kept our ‘family sign’ right where it was. I love it, and it goes really well with the color scheme.

Spring Mantel1.www.chasethestar.net

I’m so excited that Spring is here! My mantel is ready to greet the season, the warmer weather, and the flowers in bloom!

Have you considered brights as an alternative to traditional Springtime pastels?

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