DIY Acorn Wreath

Nothings says Fall like acorns so this easy DIY Acorn Wreath is the perfect project to complete as soon as the fall weather hits!

This DIY Acorn Wreath is perfect for your front door or your fall mantel. Easy to make and can be used year after year.

This wreath has been on my to-do list for a long time. I forgot where I saw the idea but I knew it was something that I wanted to make. It looked simple enough and you know me, I love simple projects! You don’t need a ton of supplies for this acorn wreath – which is always a plus in my book.

DIY Acorn Wreath

Here are the supplies you need to recreate your own (affiliate links below):

12″ Straw Wreath Form

6-7  Bags of Acorns

Hot Glue Gun

Burlap Ribbon

  • Acorn Wreath-supplies

Step 1. Glue one row of acorns around the top of the straw wreath form. I glued them down in a rotating fashion (as seen in the image below.) This is the only row I did this on. I randomly placed the acorns however they would fit after this first initial row was done.

Acorn Wreath-step1a

Acorn Wreath-step1b

Step 2. Start working on your second row of acorns. You will just want to glue the acorns on in any direction they will fit. There won’t be any rhyme or reason to it and that’s okay. That’s why each DIY fall wreath will be unique!

Acorn Wreath-step2a

Acorn Wreath-step2b

Acorn Wreath-step2c

Step 3. At this point you could continue with another row right under the last one so that you are working towards the outside of the DIY fall wreath but I decided to start working on the inside next. The only logic to that was that the inner ring was smaller and it wouldn’t take me as long. Ha! You will need about two rows of acorns for the inner ring.

Acorn Wreath-step3a

Acorn Wreath-step3b

Step 4. Once the inner ring is complete, finish up the outer ring with another 1-2 rows. At this point you will also want to go around the entire DIY fall wreath and maybe fill in any gaps that you find. I used some acorns without caps for those smaller spaces.

Acorn Wreath-step4aYou don’t have to worry about gluing any acorns to the back of the wreath. That part will be up against a door or a wall and no one will see it.

Acorn Wreath-back view

Once your DIY fall wreath is complete, hang it on your door using a piece of burlap ribbon. Ta-da! You are done!

Acorn Wreath-content1

Here are a few more views so that you can see how the acorn wreath looks from other angles.

Acorn Wreath-content2

Acorn Wreath-content3

The entire DIY Acorn Wreath project took me an hour or two to complete. It was not difficult at all, just a bit time consuming with all the hot gluing. Not to mention, I had a little “helper” stealing acorns the entire time.

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  1. Stella Mae Spekker says:

    I can’t wait to make this. I think I may make a couple of felt squirrels to add.

    1. That sounds adorable! Be to let me know how it comes out. šŸ™‚

  2. This wreath is beautiful. I have tons of big long acorns I will use and ya see your technique.

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