Ger the free printable blow to make your own “You’re a Lifesaver” Thank You Gift.

Thank You for Being Such a Lifesaver

I came up with this adorable thank you gift idea for a neighbor of mine: Thank You for Being Such a Lifesaver. She totally bailed me out this school year. I had both of my girls in Girl Scouts……on the same night……….at the same time………….in 2 different places. I normally don’t care about the running around but when I have to do all that running around with my little guy in tow, it is not so appealing. After voicing my feelings on running around like a mad woman, one of my neighbors offered to bring Gracie (my middle girl) to and from Girl Scouts for me this year since she was bringing her own daughter (and Gracie’s partner in crime) anyway. What a HUGE blessing that was!!! And really, she was a lifesaver for me.

Thank you for being such a lifesaver thank you gift

You know me, I love quick and simple and this was definitely quick and simple. All you need is a mason jar, Lifesavers, labels (download provided at the bottom of this post) and embellishments like ribbon or washi tape to dress up the jar a bit.

Thank You for Being Such a Lifesaver

This would make such a fun gift to make and keep on hand for those last minute moments when your friends and neighbors totally bail you out. Boom. Instant thank you gift.

Thank you Mason jar labels



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  1. Virginia Rogers says:

    This was perfect for my thank yous!! I had some ladies cook me dinner for a week for my family after I had surgery on my foot. Thanks for making this!!

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