Hey, it’s Jenn from A Jennuine Life with a thrifty to nifty craft for you.  Do you have those divided wooden trays laying around your home?  As a parent, I have a few from wooden children’s toys and I hung onto them because I just knew they could become something wonderful!

A Jennuine Life: Simple Wooden Tray Transformation

A Jennuine Life: Simple Wooden Tray Transformation

 This project is so simple and quick!  All you need is your wooden tray, some spray paint or craft paint, and washi tape.  Allow yourself about three minutes for spraying, and an hour to add the washi tape once the tray is dry.  

Simple Wooden Tray Transformation

I gave my tray a quick spray with white paint and then played around with my collection of washi tape to find the colors and patterns I wanted to use.  After that, it was just a matter of patiently applying the tape to the bottoms of the different sections and then to the sides.  

This could be useful to organize so many things!  In my case it helps to corral all my sewing supplies on my cutting table.  Now I can easily find my scissors, rotary cutter, and other goodies.  And if I need to clear off the table I can pick up the tray and go.

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