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Simple Spring Decor

It’s Mother’s Day weekend so I’d like to chat about my family a bit. I’ve always been close to my parents. I’m the youngest of 4 girls so of course I’m a “daddy’s girl” but I have a really great relationship with my mom as well. Around the holidays they sold my childhood home on Long Island, NY and headed down south to Florida a few months later. Stopping by my house for the last time was emotional as you can imagine. I couldn’t walk though any room without memories of life as I knew it come rushing in. That house that I loved and grew up in but never fully appreciated as a child would belong to someone else soon. Would this new family love it as much as we did? Would they pile in tons of people during the holidays like we used to? Would they decorate it in a way that was warm and inviting just like my parents had? I hope they  did and do.

One thing I loved about my house growing up was how warm and cozy and extremely lived in it was. We had mismatched furniture in every room (before it was popular), worn hardwood floors no doubt from all of the running around my sisters and I did growing up and…………pictures of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on the living room walls. I’M NOT KIDDING!!! My parents were VERY into the colonial look right down to the huge faux (or not so faux but definitely unloaded) vintage shotgun hanging above the entrance to the kitchen. I know that in today’s times it’s usually the woman who does the decorating but that stuff definitely had my dad written ALL over it! Ha!

There are a few things in the house that had my mom’s touch and it was definitely her seasonal and holiday decorating. She used to break out this plastic reindeer garland and hang it on the pots and pans rack in the kitchen and she would always change the dishes out to holiday dishes. The kitchen table would transform from everyday to holiday with new linens and place mats. The curtains in the living room would get changed out with the seasons as would the shower curtains in bathroom.

It’s funny because if I take a look around at my house and it’s decor, I normally wouldn’t think it had anything to do with my mom but I see now that that would be wrong. She changed things up seasonally and well, it looks like I do too. How ’bout that?

Spring Decor9

Spring Decor8

To get my spring decorating going, I started off with this beautiful Boxwood Wreath from Balsam Hill that I hung on my front door. I added those sprigs of yellow and purple to give it just a little pop of color. I love it because I can leave it up all Summer long too  if I don’t get around to changing it up. And let’s face it. This is me we’re talking about. There’s a good chance this guy will be hanging on my front door until November. (insert sheepish grin) It’s so pretty though so I won’t mind. Balsam Hill has beautiful wreaths and greenery and will fit right into your decor all year round. (psst! I’m giving one away – details below)

Spring Mantel

I got the super cute and trendy “&” as well as the burlap NY sign from an AMAZING Etsy shop, Stella Minded. Oh my gosh. I love this shop!  Turns out the owner, Stephanie, used to live one town over from where I live now and currently resides one town over from where my parents live in Florida. Of all the shops to stumble upon, I find this one. I’m SO glad I did. I could not have asked for a better shop owner. My ampersand is exactly as I pictured it to be. And the adorable burlap NY sign was an added extra that came with my order. So thoughtful and so fitting. I’ve always lived in NY and my husband works for the state of New York so NY is in our veins! Love, love, love! You can read about my glitter dipped mason jars here.

DIY Gallery Wall

My mom always had pictures of us around the house;  in the hallway, all over the fridge and on tables in the living room. I decided to put together a small gallery wall with pictures I took of my kids this Easter, cut out frames that you can find all over Etsy (I had mine already) and this super cute distressed “HOME” sign that I also got from Stella Minded.

Spring Decor1

Simple Spring Decor

I’ve lived in my house for 11 years and I can honestly say that my house is FINALLY starting to come together thanks to Balsam Hill for the gorgeous boxwood wreath and the amazing shops on Etsy. What a great combination!

One VERY BLESSED person is going to WIN a Boxwood Wreath from Balsam Hill

AND $100 ESTY Giftcard.

Woo. To. The. Hoo.

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  1. Love love love love the gallery wall! I’m a vintage farmhouse kinda girl, hubs is way more modern. I love the spring shelf. So cute!

  2. I hope my kids look back fondly of their childhood years some day, like you are now! I love Farmhouse Vintage but can’t say our house is decorated that way;0) Our house is simply a collection of many things we love!

  3. Love the wall! I love how you added the extra floral touch to your wreath as well!

  4. martha lawson says:

    I love your gallery wall, it’s amazing!! I’m going to borrow some of your ideas for my shabby chic living room. Nothing matches anything else!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  5. Super pretty! The wall is amazing and I also love the added touches you gave to the wreath. Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Jennifer B says:

    I think I’m colonial / farmhouse vintage? Love your shelf and wall! I live in NY!

  7. Love the “home” sign with the state outline. So clever! I’m a classic chic decorating kind of person. šŸ™‚

  8. Renee Smason says:

    Shabby Chic with a little farmhouse vintage thrown in the mix.

  9. I don’t really have a style (yet!). I guess our house is fairly traditional. However I love rustic, farmhouse and vintage styles. I am trying to incorporate some of those styles into my decor.

  10. I would say I’m modern traditional – I love traditional furniture, but I also love modern colors and fabrics ON that furniture šŸ™‚

  11. Right now our house is an eclectic of things. We like what we like for a room. Something could be Farmhouse style in one room and vintage in another. A bathroom or bedroom could be shabby chic!

  12. LOVE your gallery wall! My style is definitely modern, with other pieces thrown in here and there šŸ˜€

  13. I love all of your decor! That square wreath is awesome, too! I’d say that my style is Vintage Eclectic. I gravitate towards things that I love which are usually colorful and vintage or vintage-inspired.

  14. Love it! My style is shabby chic. My prized possession is my large white vanity.

  15. Your wall is lovely and I really like that wreath, too! I would say my style is a unique blend of shabby chic and modern.

  16. JenniferAnne says:

    I’m not sure I really have a style; if I did, I’d like it to be Southwestern Style!

  17. My design style is a mixture of modern, traditional and coastal.

  18. I love how bright and colorful your gallery wall & mantel are! My style is a mashup of transitional, contemporary, eclectic and global/ethnic. It sounds weird, but it works for me!

  19. Vintage/Mid-Century Modern

  20. My design style is eclectic vintage. i like taking things I like that may not inherently look like they go together and as Time Gunn would say I “make it work.”

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