{Pottery Barn Inspired Candle Holder}

I’ve been noticing that Pottery Barn seems to be the inspiration for so many bloggers. I ordered my catalogs the other day and can’t wait to get them in the mail. 🙂 In the meantime, I browsed their website and came across something that I wanted to try. Now, my version is not exactly the same as theirs but PB definitely was the inspiration behind it.

**Edit: I knew I had gotten my exact idea from Pottery Barn but couldn’t find the picture. When I came across this one below, I thought it was it. THEN I came across the one below it and knew that THAT was IT!

I saw this in their Holiday Decor section. I really like the berries surrounding the candle. I had a big old vase just sitting under my sink taking up space. I also had berry sprigs that I got at Hobby Lobby last week and thought that I could improvise just a bit.

I added some Epsom Salt (told you I was addicted!), a candle and a berry sprig and that’s what I got. I got the idea to use Epsom Salt for snow from Lisa at Attempting to be Crafty.

*Disclaimer: My camera stinks and I think my photo editing abilities are even worse!

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