Hi ladies!  My name is Amy, my blog is Sugar and Spice.  I’m the sponsor on the right side of the screen with the pink button with the cupcake. I blog about 5 topics.  The same 5 topics every week, actually.  They are: 1) Being a momma to two adorable little girls 2) Recipes that I love to make and think you should know about 3) Books that have really made a significant impact on me and why 4) Being a Christ-follower and reflections on faith 5) Style

Each week I post about one of those 5 topics per day, (Monday through Friday). Today, I’d like to feature two outfits for you today that represents my (newly inspired) sense of style. I have recently begun a journey of discovering all of the new creations I can make with clothing that (a) I already own, or (b) I buy secondhand. 
When I get dressed these days, a take a minute or two to think through my outfit, thinking of what might layer really well, or what would give the outfit some visual interest.  Mixing and matching in a sense. When I wear clothes that flatter me yet are still modest and just plain fun to wear, I tend to feel great which makes me feel confident other areas of my life. Here are two great examples of my newfound love for modest, cheap, and beautiful style.

Example No. 1:


Collared Shirt = TJ Maxx at least 5 years ago, around $10, Sweater = Juicy Couture from Plato’s Closet, $17.  Skirt = Goodwill, $3.99, Boots = DSW ( I cannot find the brand name on them and I bought them at least a year ago, so I can’t remember the price.  $50 is my guess) If you consider that I wear the boots with almost everything in the fall and winter and I don’t buy new shoes to go with every new outfit I create, then the cost of the outfit without the boots was $31.
Example No. 2:
I bought this top from Plato’s Closet – a secondhand store in my area.   I love it because it not only has a great print, it also has perfect colors for pairing with so many of the cardigans I own.  Brown, green, orange, and red all go great with this and I have them all in my closet!  (Three of the four of them I’ve owned for 3+ years!)  
I can’t see cardigans going out of style, can you?  I would hang on to them even if you get rid of other pieces of your wardrobe over the years, because you will probably find yourself wearing them in the future even if you haven’t worn it for some time.


Thank you so much, Amy, for showing us how to use things we already have in our closet to create a variety of outfits. I myself purchase cardigans quite often and I hardly ever get rid of them.

Due to the amount of content that is used without permission and proper credit, I am no longer allowing a full RSS feed. I value each and every reader so I hope you will click through and come visit!


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  1. It’s so wonderful to see outfits made/put together for a woman following Christ. Thank you!

  2. I love the skirt and white sweater in the top photo. I can never buy enough sweaters 🙂

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