It was brought to my attention that there is possibly some confusion over the “rules” or the intent of the New Friend Friday (not to be confused with Follow Friday or Follow Me Friday) blog hop. It’s really not about following or gaining followers. It’s more about blog and comment support.

I thought the rules were pretty simple but maybe I should simplify it a bit more:

  • Add a link to your main blog – Hopefully self-explanatory
  • Visit the blog of the person whose name is above and below your name in the list and comment on their blog. – When I say “comment” I really mean leave a meaningful comment – not just “visiting from NFF, please follow me”. As per blogging etiquette, it’s always good practice to leave a comment that lets the blogger know you actually spent time on their blog and read their current post (at least their current post) or some of their other posts.
  • Visit as many blogs as you can and leave comments telling them you are visiting from New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative. – Again, leave meaningful comments but be sure to tell them where you are visiting from also. If you don’t have time on a given Friday to leave decent comments, come back to those blogs when you do have the time. But be sure to at least come back to the person above and below you on the link list though to keep things cool.
  • There is no obligation to follow everyone who follows you. Please just follow the blogs that are of interest to you. 🙂 – Okay, this is a big one. This party is NOT about following everyone who follows you. That is one of the main reasons why this blog hop does NOT have the word “FOLLOW” in the name. I’d much rather have 200 relevant followers who are actually interested in what I blog about and who actually read my blog then 1400 “followers” who just followed me back. Ooooh, and another great tip about following……….some people don’t use Google Reader or even really check in their dashboard other than to post to their own blog so some people may have your blog listed in their blog roll/list rather than actually follow you. IF you add someone to your blog list, it’s a great idea to let them know. I know it still makes me all giddy when I see my blog on someone’s list. 🙂
  • Family friendly blogs only. Blogs of elicit content will be removed. – Hopefully self- explanatory. If you are not sure, send me an email and I’ll let you know. 🙂

I know this post is coming a few days before this week’s New Friend Friday party but I know that come Friday people get anxious to get their blog on the list that they forget to even read the post.

And one last thing: I hope this post does not sound like I’m professing to be the perfect blogger or don’t need to brush up on my own blog etiquette because I totally do. But, this week some things came to my attention and I wanted to address these questions or issues just in case anyone else was confused about the intent of New Friend Friday or the rules.

Thanks to everyone who participates. You guys are great. 🙂

**I should add that we have joined forces with The Trendy Treehouse on Fridays and although their blog hop is called “Follow Me Friday” their intent is to only follow blogs you love as well. 🙂 Tara, the owner of Trendy Treehouse, have spoken in the past and we both want our blog hops to be friendly with no pressure of following everyone who follows you. They are both great ways to find blogs that you may not otherwise find. And if you gain followers, that’s a bonus! 🙂

Due to the amount of content that is used without permission and proper credit, I am no longer allowing a full RSS feed. I value each and every reader so I hope you will click through and come visit!


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  1. I really like that New Friend Friday is about supporting bloggers and only following blogs you are interested in. I toally agree that I would rather have followers who are interested in my blog than a lot of followers who don’t read but just want me to follow them.

    Thanks for clarifying the “rules”.

  2. Totally with you on that one! I love it when I have followers who are genuinely interested in what I have to say…even if there’s only a few! 🙂

  3. ok, i totally get this, i do this. it amuses me when people link up and they just write “i’ll follow you back.” i don’t want that. i want someone to read b.c they want, and i read b.c i want, not to up my number.

    but i do have a question about new friend friday specifically…i mean, how new is new? are you only allowed to link up once, and then you aren’t a new friend anymore? you know what i mean? should someone be linking up every friday-then they aren’t new. i don’t know if this is coming across correctly, lol.

  4. That’s a good question Miss Corner Cape! 🙂 It’s called New Friend Friday because it’s away to make new friends. You can link up every week (and I hope that you do) and I’m sure you’ll find new blogs each week that you never saw or came across in weeks before. 🙂 Does that make sense?

  5. ha! I was going to write exactly what elizabeth just wrote! I always feel bad when people leave me comments that say Please follow back….I try to follow only the blogs that I love and I feel guilty! I love new friend friday!

  6. Thank you so much for the explanation! I follow your blog, so I have seen the New Friend Friday posts, but I guess I didn’t read the directions before to see what it was all about. How fun!

  7. Awesome! Awesome! I hate the ones that just write something stupid like “just vistiting from whereever, I’m following”. I always think, did you even LOOK at the blog? I fell into that trap for one week on another site and then I realized I didn’t want followers that way. Yours is different and I LIKE it. I always go to the one above and below and then I peruse the list to see if there is anything of interest from the title. Very cool, I’m glad you singled yourself out from the other ones that are just trying to gain 1000 followers in a week! You go girl!

  8. I LOVE New Friend Friday, although I’ve only participated a few times. I took an unexpected blogging break, but I’m back in the groove now :o) ha! Thanks for reiterating the rules! :o) Love your blog.

  9. Thank you so much for posting the rules! It makes this one so much fun and extra special!

  10. katiegirl says:

    Thank you for clarifying. I’ve only recently starting taking part in blog hops, and the like.
    While I was thrilled to gain some new followers, it did feel a bit soul-less, when people would leave comments, that just basically said to follow them back. I wondered if they had even read anything I’d written, or just skipped straight to the comments section.
    And then I felt obligated to follow back, even if theirs was a blog that I wouldn’t normally follow.
    I decided not to do it anymore, because I wanted followers who actually wanted to read my blog, not just “followed” and then never came back.

    But I’m going to stick with yours. I love the idea of it being about making friends, and showing support. We can all use friends and support!

  11. Thanks for the clarification and invite to join NFF. I saw it last week but didn’t have time to join. I am planning to get in this week. I am working on expanding my blog list with crafty blogs that I really enjoy reading and can learn from so this is exactly what I am looking for. Can’t actually remember how I found you, but I have picked up some great sites to follow from your linky parties! Looking forward to meeting lots of new friends.

  12. These are the reasons I joined in! Thanks for making it a Friendly New Friend Friday 🙂

  13. THANK YOU!!! I can’t tell you how ticked I get when I receive a comment that says “Following you, please follow me back at —–.” I actually don’t even VISIT a blogger that says that to me because it drives me so crazy! Or how about the people that link to these parties and write in their tagline, “I always follow back!”

    This is not about numbers. I’ve been to some blogs were the people get only 1 or 2 comments per post yet have hundreds of followers because no one actually cares about their comment.

    The other thing that really bothers me is that there is at least one big blog party in particular where the host tells everyone it’s “common courtesy” to follow someone who follows you. Ummmmm, why? You are supposed to follow blogs that inspire you or interest you or make you laugh – not become a follower out of obligation. And what if the content of someone’s blog isn’t something you feel comfortable with, anyway?

    Following is a compliment to the blog writer and not an automatic response.

    Thanks for posting this! As you can see it is a big pet peeve. lol

  14. Your blog hop is one of my favorite exactly because of your rules. I think its a great way to run a blog hop and its exactly what I’m looking for. Love it!

  15. Thank you for clarifying – I was starting to think that I shouldn’t do it anymore because I wasn’t following everyone who “followed” me. I’ve had people un-follow if I didn’t follow back immediately – I like to peak around and check out a blog a bit first.

  16. I have only participated in one NFF so far. It’s good that you explained the rules in such detail. Hopefully, I can take part in it this week.

  17. Thanks for clarifying. I get frustrated when someone links a post up instead of the whole blog. I like to look around. As far as the following goes, I figure everyone is out there looking for common interests. Some of us have adult children and aren’t interested in children blogs, some aren’t interested in food blogs, some aren’t interested in craft blogs, etc So why would you follow something you have no interest in? I hope everyone who follows me enjoys what I do/say. Even tho I don’t formally follow some blogs I have fun on Fri catching up w/ what is going on w/ bloggers that link up thanks for hosting NFF!!

  18. Thank you so much for posting this! You said exactly what I’ve been thinking!

  19. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    Thanks so for making the rules so clear…I just hope a lot of people take the time to read this! I hate when I get a comment that only says “I’m following you, please come follow me”!! More often than not, I completely ignore that comment…especially if they didn’t have anything relevant to say about my blog or my current post!

  20. I know that sometimes I am guilty of just posting a quick comment becuase I want to leave something, but don’t have time to make my comment as unique as I would like. I am new to blogging, and love new friend fridays and link-up parties, because it is such a great way to find more blogs to follow that are interesting.

  21. I once read a really touching and heartfelt post about a child being diagnosed with leukemia, and one of the comments at the bottom simply said:

    “Hi! I’m stopping by from _____. Follow me back!!!

    I’m not even kidding.

    Yours is the only blog hop I participate in, for that reason.

  22. I love New Friend Friday for the very reasons you posted above – it’s a great alternative to the “follow me” Friday posts. I participated in a few of them a few times, but won’t anymore because I’d rather do this one with the values you have shared! 🙂

  23. Sounds good to me. I agree and if you don’t like my blog don’t follow me just to get a follower. I enjoy being friends with my followers and getting to know them via their blog!

  24. Those are all very excellent points! It doesn’t feel good when you spend time leaving 5 or so people meaningful comments and don’t get the same in return.

  25. Thank you for the clarification and I think you did a wonderful job of explaining and clarifying the rules. 🙂 I know that sometimes I am very guilty of not coming back to see who is ‘after’ me so I can go visit them. As for the ones before me, sometimes I just can’t “relate” to the blog or blogger so I will go to the next one inline. Not that the person before me has a bad blog or anything like that just no connection and and all I can say is “Nice blog, or visiting from….” Any advice on what I should do in those situations?

  26. Tammy, that’s a tough one. I guess what I would do is say something like “Found your blog via New Friend Friday and I’m just popping by to say Hi. Hope you have a great weekend!!”. I would maybe try to find something positive to write. I tend to comment on the design (b/c I’m a designer). Not sure if this helps. I hope so. 🙂

  27. I know this will just be pretty much a “ditto” to the other comments made. But wasn’t “ditto” like the awesomest and most meaningful line in the movie “Ghost?” See? Ditto means a great deal! 🙂

    Actually, I just wanted to say I’ve been reluctant to join NFF for some of the very reasons you listed. I ONLY follow blogs I really love. And I list EVERY blog I follow on my blogroll…so I don’t want it filled with blogs I don’t really enjoy. I consider my blogroll an extension of my own tastes. Anyway, I always feel bad not “following back” but it’s just not my MO. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. Maybe I won’t feel so bad.

    Okay, after all that ramble….ditto. The end.

  28. I love NFF and I appreciate you clarifying the “rules.” Have a great week!

  29. Very well said my friend! I love your blog hop and I agree about the follow thing, how about those who follow for a contest and as soon as it’s over they stop following?!

  30. Thanks Diana for the post. I think blog hops can morph and are morphing into many different purposes, each being separate but equal with users having choices related to what they want. I think it is important for this to be emphasized each week so that everyone including newbies can understand.
    I also appreciate that you clarified that comments be congruent with the purpose of the blog hop so there is also no confusion there.
    Maybe if some of your followers notice that others may have misinterpreted the focus of New Friend Friday, that could be an opportunity for one on one discussion and connection/support.
    Thanks. Judy B., beachbird2

  31. Very nicely said.

    I look forward to reading some new blogs this weekend.

  32. Hi!
    I’d love to post my blog to this linky, but it’s not letting me do it?! I do other bloghops with the Linky tool…not sure what happened-tried several times.
    Anyway, thanks and check out Bocci’s Beefs at:

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