Hi everyone! I’m back for my monthly post from Restoration Redoux. I can’t believe it’s already September! That means back to school time.

It’s hard to believe my daughter is almost 16 and will be driving to school in a few months. The idea terrifies me because she seems to forget to use her turn signals and mirrors from time to time, but hopefully we still have time to work on that before we turn her loose.

I still remember when she was little, and I walked her into Kindergarten that first day, so worried that she would be scared and cry. Turns out, the only who was scared and cried was me — she couldn’t push me out the door fast enough.

Speaking of being little, my brother and sister-in-law just had my first little niece.

I had the opportunity to help them out by doing some of the nursery projects.

I did the changing table for them.

I built them some DIY Nursery frames.

And a Tulle Wreath

Now that she is here and we know her name, I decided to make them one more goodie.

I started with a globe that I picked-up at Hobby Lobby using the 40% off coupon.

I took pink and grey chalky-based paint and painted the stand and the globe. It took about three coats.

The reason I used chalky-based paint was that it adheres to practically anything, and I wasn’t sure that regular latex paint would stick to the plastic.

After the last layer of paint had dried, I started the stenciling process. I used Martha Stewart stencils and Americana Multi-surface satin white paint.

I stenciled my niece’s first and middle name on the top line, and her birth date across the bottom. I will warn you … trying to keep the letters somewhat straight on a round surface was a bit tricky, so I did have to redo a few letters due to spacing being off.

I think it turned out really cute, and her parents were thrilled! In case you were wondering, her first name is Busy!

If you want to see more of my project please visit me at Restoration Redoux! See you next month!

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  1. Very cute gift ideas. My brother’s wife gave birth to a son recently. I will make some of those in blue.

  2. I love that name, Busy! All of your projects for your new niece are spectacular! The pink stenciled globe is just the icing on the cake. Busy is dialed in with style, for sure ~ Amy

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