Living in the UK, I have already had the pleasure of being pampered by my boys, Mother’s Day falling in March over here. The second Sunday in May is not far away, so it is now your turn to celebrate motherhood and say a little thank you.

If you are looking for something pretty to finish off your gift this year, this mother’s day printable includes a gift card, envelope and sheet of matching wrapping paper.

Mother's Day Printable


  • Printable download.
  • Card stock for the gift card and envelope, copy paper for the wrapping sheet.
  • Hole punch.
  • Small length of ribbon or twine to close the envelope.

To make the envelope and card:

  • Fold along the lines shown on the pdf sheet.
  • Punch one hole in each of the longer flaps of the envelope. The holes should overlap when the envelope is folded.
  • To close the envelope, thread your ribbon through both holes and tie in a bow.

Mother's Day Printable

The gift card and envelope are the perfect size for attaching to a bunch of flowers.  The gift wrap sheet would make a lovely wrap for the bouquet.  It would also make a perfect thank-you card at any time of the year — no need to wait for mother’s day to say “thanks mom”, after all. Or, why not pop in on the tray when you take her breakfast in bed…now there’s another good idea.

Mother's Day Printable

If you are lucky enough to be spending the day with your mother, or you are the one being celebrated, I hope you enjoy every minute.


Jackie lives in the UK with her partner and son. She founded her shop and blog — It’s Organised — with the aim of putting the joy and creativity back into gift-giving. Sign-up to her newsletter to keep up to date with new tutorials, products and gift ideas.

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  1. I won’t be using this little card, but I’ll be making them for some of my friends. You’re so right when you say enjoy the day with your mom. Thank you.

    1. Hi Bev
      What lucky friends to have you crafting for them 🙂 I hope your friends — and their mums — like them.

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