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Hello again!! I am Maggie from The Love Nerds, back again to give you all a fun Thanksgiving Day themed print. I personally love this time of year. While yes, we should be thankful all year long and constantly tell our loved ones why we are thankful, it often doesn’t happen that way. We get busy; work schedules, school, homework, projects, sports, birthdays, holidays, chores, laundry, and so much more constantly take over our lives. So – I love this time of year because we are reminded to be thankful for the good things and express that gratitude. This free Thanksgiving print is designed to help you do just that: express what you are thankful for.

2013 Thankful Sign

For my house, I decided to print it out and put it in a clear plastic frame. Any frame will work though, so just re-purpose any old frame for the holiday and use dry erase markers to leave little notes of gratitude. My husband and I use it to be playful and supportive, and I am always excited when I see he has changed the message. I hope you will have fun it and spread the love!

Thankful Sign Printed and Framed

You can download your Free Thanksgiving print here (JPEG and PNG)! If you like the coordinating print shown in the picture above, head over to my blog to download that free Thanksgiving print as well!

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  1. I love these printables. I’ve already printed them out and am going out to get frames for them today. Such a fun idea to share with my Ham Boys. Every time they come to Grammy’s house they can write down what they are Thankful for. <3 Kim

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