We love whipping up this Magic Reindeer Food Recipe on Christmas Eve every year because it’s easy and fun and my kids look forward to it. 
Magic Reindeer Food Labels and Recipe
I’m excited to be sharing this little Christmas tradition that I started with my girls a few years back known as Magic Reindeer Food.  Just a little background: I was raised in a big Italian family. Holidays and birthdays consisted of gatherings anywhere from 30-50 people packed into my grandparents basement (because why use the beautiful upstairs with plastic covered furniture when you have a 70 styles basement to pack into!) with lots and lots of food! Christmas Day consisted of an open house at my house where friends and neighbors were welcome to drop by all day long and visit and eat and play and eat and…….you get the picture. šŸ™‚
Those were some traditions that I grew up with and loved. Not living near any of my family anymore (sniff sniff) and with my grandparents gone (my dad’s parents – my mom’s parents are still alive and well and my 85 year old Nana is even on Facebook!) I wanted to come up with some new traditions for my own kids. Magic Reindeer food is one of them!
On Christmas Eve, before bedtime, my girls and I (and this year Kole will probably join us) go out to our front yard and sprinkle magic reindeer food. Never heard of it? Well, here is the recipe and free label for you to download to make for your kids. This would even be a great idea for your kids holiday party. How much fun would that be to share with all of your friends?
1/2 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Oatmeal
1/4 Cup Red and Green Sprinkles (any holiday sprinkles will do)
Combine all ingredients in a Zip Lock snack bag and add the label.
Download Printable Here Button
If you love these Treat Bag Toppers then you’ll LOVE These Magic Reindeer Food Tags!
Magic Reindeer Food | Free Printable Tags

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  1. really cute!
    I’ve been doing this with my daughter for the past 3 yrs now & will continue to do so with her & now my son as well.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Im gong to make this for my nieces and nephew and my grandsons!!

    1. We always have such a good time doing it. I’m sure your family will love it too! šŸ™‚

  3. Patti Woitena says:

    Thank you. I love to have something for my granddaughter & a few children in our neighborhood

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