Jingle Bells Christmas Ornaments

Trim your tree with these festive Jingle Bells Christmas Ornaments! Make them with your kids as an Advent activity or sell them at a holiday craft fair in your area. This Christmas ornament craft is easy for anyone to make.

Deck the halls with these festive Jingle Bells Christmas Ornaments. So easy even the kids can do it. Great teacher or neighbor gift idea.

Say hello to the easiest Christmas craft you’ll see this year. Okay. Maybe it’s not the easiest but it easy and fast so you can’t go wrong with that combination.

These jingle bells Christmas ornaments were inspired by a friend of my sisters. She gave something similar to my sister for Christmas years back when we were in high school and ever since then I’ve wanted to make them.

It’s only taken me 20+ years but better late than never! Let’s get to it!



Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament-supplies

The steps are super simple and you can bang out a bunch of these in no time.

Jingle Bells Steps1-5

Step One: Bend your pipe cleaner in half and twist to make a loop. This is how you’ll hang it on your tree.

Step Two: Thread one end of the pipe cleaner through the little loop on the bell, fold end over and twist to secure. Snip the other end of the pipe cleaner so it’s shorter and add a second bell on the other end of the pipe cleaner. Twist the end of the pipe cleaner to secure.

Step Three: Take a second pipe cleaner and add a bell to it just like you did in step 2.

Step Four and Five: Place the third bell with the others so that it hangs the lowest. Take the opposite end of that pipe cleaner and wrap it around the first pipe cleaner right under the loop.

Jingle Bells Christmas Ornaments-content1

Once you are done, finish it off with a bow. I didn’t tie a bow because I’m not that great at it. Instead I took a piece of ribbon and folded it over on each end to look like a bow.

I secured it by wrapping a small piece of pipe cleaner around the middle of it.

I then hot glued it onto the jingle bells Christmas ornament right under the loop and called it done. So simple and so cute!

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  1. Margarita says:

    Gracias, son hermosas las cosas de Navidad…felicitaciones y contenta de ver lo que comparten!!!!!!!

  2. These turned out so cute and easy for the Christmas ornament exchange party.
    Thanks for sharing your idea❤️

  3. What sizes are the bells

    1. Not sure but they are not the small jingle bells – they are the bigger ones. I’d say maybe an inch and a half or so in diameter.

  4. TIna Foster says:

    These are adorable. Thank you for the great idea. Could you give me the link for the bells? I went to 3 craft stores and could not find any blue bells. I cannot wait to make them. Thank you.

  5. Teresa Hale says:

    Cute craft! Are these one inch bells?

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