Because of my Christian faith I find myself on the fence about Halloween each year. In years past (before my girls were in school) they really had no idea what it was but ever since last year with my oldest started Kindergarten, she knows all.about.it. I have mixed feelings about participating in school Halloween events and trick or treating. But this post is not about why Halloween is wrong or Trick or Treating is bad. It’s really about just getting some feedback from those of you who do NOT celebrate Halloween but do something in its place like Harvest Day or some other event.

So, if that’s you, I’d love to hear what you do for Halloween alternatives. 🙂

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  1. I struggle with these same issues (as I do with Santa Claus – let’s discuss that in the near future too) as my husband grew up in a family with 11 kids; they always trick-or-treated. I don’t believe in all the hoopla, it’s not one of my favorite holidays (my friends all love it and go all out). We live in the country, so there’s really nowhere to visit around us. The kids have to be taken into town if they are to participate.
    Our church has hosted a trunk-or-treat the past few years, in an effort to provide a safe, non-scary environment. My kids have not participated in this, but I understand where church leaders are coming from in hosting such an event that their children are so strongly swayed about by peers.
    Our former pastor did not allow his children to trick or treat, and actually promoted handing out pre-printed cards in lieu of candy that said “Jesus is the light of the world”, of which he had an abundance of for everyone to take as they left church the Sunday prior to Halloween.
    Blessings as you/we navigate these Christian-parental waters…

  2. It is a hot topic. Our family does not struggle with the issue. We do not celebrate Halloween, nor do we do anything to substitute for it. The idea of dressing up and having fun is not lost one me. But Scripture is clear, we are not to participate in darkness, witchcraft, etc. We simply turn out the porch lights and hang out together like it’s any other night. By now our neighbors know that we don’t observe this ritual and they don’t knock on our door anymore. But the neighbors also know that we are joyful and loving towards them. I have a blog post going up next week about Halloween. No one talks about it. I am so glad you brought it up. 🙂 Lisa~

  3. Wow this has been a good read. a lot of different views and sounds like a lot of good moms here. I also Christian and kids 16 and 19 we always did harvest, a church in our town does NOAH NIGHT and they have done a year or so of trick or treat. I have struggled with this since I became a mother and I love fall but not Halloween. But reality is it is here and I love fall colors and decorate my house with them until Nov 25th then of Course Christmas. Values in the home are so important and I think if we are not letting our kids get into the scary part of it. We are good. This year it is on SUNDAY that is kinda cool and daylight savings time. so we will have an extra hour of sleep the day before. We have posted a sign on the door in the past advertising harvest parties.

  4. For several years we had a Biblical Fall Festival at our church. I created many games like: walk in the footsteps of Jesus (cake walk), ring the gifts to baby jesus, help moses over the red sea (red water in huge bowl–throw ping pong bowl into empty bowl behind it), Prevent Jericho (Jenga), Knock out the plagues (throwing ping pong balls into cans listed with the plagues), Nock out goliath (board with hole where head might be), Knock Zacchaeus from the tree (little stuffed man in a fake tree), Take a lollipop from adam and eve’s tree, Color the coat of many colors, Sand Art (gomora), pin the basket and fish to feed the 5,000), Going fish for Jonah, etc. Oh and everyone dressed up in biblical costumes.