Free Printable Southern Sayings and SVGs

Free Printable Southern Sayings and SVGs are perfect for those that live in or love the south. There is something to be said about southern charm. From that sippin’ sweet tea on the porch to that southern hospitality to those endearing southern quotes, I love it all. Grab the free digital designs below.

Free Printable Southern Sayings and SVGs for all of your home and your DIY projects

Free Printable Southern Sayings and SVGs

This set of designs has been sitting on my laptop for months until I had the time to convert them all to cut files and put them into a blog post.

My design style is pretty simple and that is reflected in my printables and cut files. When I originally designed these cute southern sayings they were all pretty simple too.

I’m glad I didn’t put them in the shop months ago when they were designed though.

Over the last few days I spent some time looking at the many SVGs and cut files that are all over Pinterest and the blogs on THIS list.

I’m drawn to so many of them that are whimsical and include flourishes and elements along side the text.

I decided that I was going to take this set of southern quotes and give them a little something extra. What do you think?

I think this is my favorite printable and svg set to date and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

Cute Southern Quotes

I’ve lived in NY my entire life. One of my sisters, however, went to college in VA. I will never forget when she came home and told me all about the southern saying (and it’s true meaning) “Bless Her Heart”.

If that’s not a little snark then I don’t know what is. Snark and sarcasm are kind of my second language so maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to the south and these funny southern sayings.

I know that not everyone crafts or has a shop to sell product in so I’m including the PDF files so you can download and print these quotes out if you choose to frame them and hang them in your home.

If you are a crafter and can’t wait to  adorn some mugs and tees with these southern sayings then the SVG files are for you. Either way they are yours to enjoy!

This set of FREE Printable Southern Sayings contains 6 quotes:

Quit Being Ugly | Gimme Some Sugar | Bless Her Heart

Honey Hush | Hello Darlin’ | Sunshine Mixed with a bit of Hurricane

Free Printable Southern Sayings and SVGs | Cute Southern Quotes for T-shirts

If you are a new Silhouette or Cricut user and you want to build your library of FREE Cut Files, this is the post for you! Plenty of resources to get you going on your crafting adventures.

Click image below to read.

The Best Sites to Download FREE SVG Cut Files for Cricut and Silhouette

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  1. Lia A Mijat says:

    Im southern so I really like these sayings!

  2. Velma Garcia says:

    I love love LOVE these! Thank you so much!

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