Be reminded everyday that motherhood is a calling with these inspiring free printables for Mother’s Day.

  Motherhood Quote-HERO

I came across this quote a year or so ago and it was just the reminder that I needed. In fact, this is something that I think should be ingrained in the mind of every mother. I never thought of myself as a selfish person until I had kids and realized that I no longer could do what I wanted when I wanted. Everything I want to do needs to come second to my family (putting God first of course!). And man on man, has that been a struggle! I don’t like putting my things on hold. It’s hard! I’m not one to pretend like I have it all together or that I’m the perfect mom. I am so far from that. I wish I was a better mom. I wish I was the type of mom who never got irritated with her kids; the one who just let things roll off her back; the one who enjoyed every single moment of motherhood. While I know that I’m far from perfect, I’m thankful for reminders like these. That motherhood is a calling. It’s not a hobby or something you fit in if you have the time. It’s what God gave you time for!

Motherhood Quote-content

I’m thankful that God puts me in my place when I need it. That He uses my husband to call me out on things in my life that are off balance. Just last week we had a loud heart to heart. I came back from attending my blogging conference all inspired and ready to take on my blog. It all came to a screeching halt when my husband basically told me that I needed to get my act together, start cooking dinner regularly and start putting my family first and blog second. I did NOT want to hear it but truth be told he was RIGHT and I NEEDED to hear it! I totally admit that I’ve made excuses for not getting the laundry done; for feeding my kids nuggets and fries and fast food way more times that I should; and for letting my own wants and desires take priority over the very people and things God has blessed me with.

Motherhood Quote-Gold Confetti-blog size

It has been my experience in my life that when you put God first, He blesses you. And by putting my family first, I’m putting God first. I trust that He will bless my blog and give me the time to do everything that I need and want to do each day.

So, moms who struggle with this like I do, print this out, stick it somewhere where you can see it every day!


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  1. I came across this on Pinterest today. Thank you! I’ve downloaded the white version and will frame it for my home office.

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