If you’re looking for a great way to keep children, especially younger children, occupied on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you’re in the right place. This collection of Free Christmas Activity and Game Printables is a great place to get started.

In this post you will find so many fun activity sheets such as word puzzles, printable games, printable worksheets and so much more.

Printable Christmas Games

In this collection of free printable Christmas activities there is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

From group Christmas games perfect for a party or family game night to Christmas Countdown activities – so much joy to be had this holiday season with these awesome fun printables.

Santa Beard Christmas Countdown


I absolutely love worksheets. In elementary school at the end of the school year, my teachers would let us take home all of the leftover worksheets from the year.

I especially loved it if some merry Christmas coloring pages were in the mix.

December 25 Coloring Page

During the summer my sister and I would take a little quiet time and work on the many printable pages. Kudos to us for spending time doing educational activities over the break.

Free Christmas Printables for Older Kids

If you have older kids and are looking for fun printable Christmas activities, then you will love these.

  • Word Searches
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Word Scrambles
Christmas Printables for Older Kids

Free Printable Christmas Games

Christmas time is the best time of year for spending time with the entire family. We have time off from work; the kids are on Christmas break and it’s the perfect time for fun games to be played by all.

It forces us to take a breather and to really enjoy the Christmas holidays.

If your family loves games, they will love these free printable Christmas games and activities.

Free Christmas Printables for Young Learners

When I was creating this collection of Free Printables, Games and Activity Worksheets I knew that I wanted to include something for each age group.

If you have young children between preschool and first grade, they will especially enjoy these free printable activities for young learners.

  • Printable Christmas Coloring Pages
  • Christmas Color by Number Worksheets
  • Christmas Tracing Pages
  • Christmas Memory Game
  • Learn to Cut Practice Sheets
  • Printable Christmas I-Spy
Holiday Tracking and Cutting Sheets

Holiday Party Games

These free Christmas printable activities are not just great for home use but many of them can be used as Holiday party games.

The Christmas Candy Dice game is a lot of fun to play with a group. We played it on Thanksgiving night and everyone had a blast.

Christmas Candy Dice Game

Christmas Scattergories is also a fun way to pass the time at a Christmas party for preteens and teenagers. I’m sure sitting in the background listening to them play would be very entertaining. They have a lingo all their own it seems.

I can just imagine the creative answers they’d come up with.

Christmas Scattergories

Christmas Traditions

Do you have any Christmas Traditions? We have a few that are tried and true and that we’ve done over the years. Without extended family living close by, I’ve had to institute some new family traditions on our own.

It took me a few years but I’m happy to say that the Christmas season is one we look forward to each year. I’ve always wanted to do something for the 12 days of Christmas but that never got off the ground.

So, we just do what we can, when we can. As long as we are making memories and enjoying time spent with the family, we’re winning.

If you struggle with Christmas traditions, maybe the following activities will spark your interest:

Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letter


This is just a glimpse of what’s included in this bundle of Christmas Activity Printables. I guarantee you will have enough pages to keep your children busy throughout their holiday break.


This download includes a total of almost 40 pages. In it you will get 2 PDF files labeled as DOWNLOAD 1 AND DOWNLOAD 2. Download 1 includes a 30+ page PDF. You can print it all or just print the pages you want to use. Download 2 includes our very popular Christmas Bingo Game in English and Spanish.

Some of you may already have it since it’s a few years old. If that’s you, then just just skip that one and stick with DOWNLOAD 1.

After you complete the form below, a new page will pop up and there you’ll find a short message from me and your download links. If a new page does NOT pop up, please make sure you don’t have any pop-up blockers running. Also, clear your browser cache and try again.

If you love this post and all of these ideas, I’d love for you to share it on Facebook or Pinterest. If you use any of them for a party or in your classroom, let me know!

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