Preschool Valentines + Free Printable

I’ve kind of been on a printables kick lately. I feel like it happens in waves. Some days (well, weeks even) I find that I have nothing left in me when it comes to projects and designs. I’d rather loaf around all day on the computer avoiding my housework and vegging out than working on a printable. And this can go on for a week or 2. Nothing gets done. I’m unproductive and my husbands empty sock and undie drawer is proof of that. And then all of the sudden BOOM! The ideas start coming and I can’t create things fast enough.

Well, I was working on these cute zebra Valentine labels for the Hershey Kisses that I shared  yesterday when the idea came to me to create cute little tags also with zebra print that said “I’m Wild About You Valentine”. At first I had no idea how I’d use them and then I thought “animal crackers”. And lo and behold the idea for Preschool Valentines came to be. I mean animal crackers and preschool go hand and hand and this project is so simple that you still have time to pull it off before Valentine’s Day!

Preschool Valentines

These preschool valentines are so simple to make. You just need little clear bags, bakers twine, animal crackers, 2.25″ scallop punch and the “I’m Wild About You Valentine” label that you can download below. *If you don’t have a paper punch, scissors will work just fine.

Wild About You Valentine_photo1

Another cute alternative would be to use these super cute zebra cookie boxes that I picked up in the dollar spot at Target. In this case you would print the labels onto full sheet labels, cut out with your paper punch and stick a label on each box. It’s totally up to you!

Zebra ValentinesPrintable Zebra Tags

Click HERE to download  PDF

To grab the matching HERSHEY KISS labels, click HERE

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