No baby shower is complete without a Baby Shower Bingo Game. Grab your FREE Baby Bingo Printable below.

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Baby Bingo Printables

I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years already since my twin nephews were born and we were planning a gender neutral baby shower.

We had no idea if the gender of the baby(s) was a baby girl and a baby boy, 2 boys or 2 girls since my sister decided not to find out the sex.

We couldn’t go with a baseball-themed baby shower or little princess theme baby shower for that reason. Planning the best baby shower ever was a task we couldn’t wait to take on.

When it came to deciding on a color scheme we knew that we didn’t want to go with the typical green baby shower theme party.

Instead we decided to go with pink color and blue color giving us more options when it came to creating printable game cards and decorating the venue.

Baby Shower Bingo Card

Popular Baby Shower Game


Every baby shower needs a popular baby shower game or 2 to help break up the time. Whether you’re throwing a boy baby shower, a girl baby shower a shower for multiples, Printable Baby Shower Bingo is a great game play with your guests.

It’s a cute interactive game that it’s also a fun way to keep the guests busy.

This game can be played with a large group or a small group and even the youngest attendees can participate.

How to Play Baby Shower Gift Bingo

Guests will receive blank bingo cards before the game starts. To play Baby Gift Bingo, guests will fill in each box with a the name of baby shower gifts that they think the guest of honor will receive.

As the mom-to-be opens her gifts, cross out the item on the bingo card. Just like in traditional bingo, whoever gets “bingo” first wins the round.

Helpful Tip: Have some extra pens on the table since there will not be any game pieces with this bingo game.

Baby Shower Bingo Game Variations

If you’re looking to create unique bingo cards with a specific theme, here are a few different baby shower bingo game variations you can try:

Baseball Baby Shower Bingo Sheet for the big-time baseball fan

Elephant Baby Shower Bingo Sheet

Princess Baby Shower Bingo Sheet

Price is Right Baby Shower Game


Another great way to pass the time at a baby shower is to play Baby Shower Price is Right. This game take a little more thought and if you’re already a mama or a grandma, you’ll have the upper hand.

How to Play Baby Shower Price is Right

The Price is Right cards will have a list of items for baby such as pacifiers, onesies, baby wipes, etc.

The person who is hosting the shower should have done some research prior to the shower and have an “answer” key.

Each guest needs to guess what each item on the list costs. The person who comes the closest, wins.


This Free Baby Bingo Printable can be printed right at home. I recommend printing onto white card stock but if all you have is regular printer paper, that’s fine too.

If you’d like to spruce it up just a bit, you can add some solid scrapbook paper behind the card to create a border and to make the cards more sturdy.

The download for the Baby Shower Bingo game is a PDF file.

TIP: Be sure to check the guest list to make sure there are enough cards to go around.

Be sure to check out our library of Free Printables that we’ve created over the years. There’s something for every occasion.

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baby shower printable promo graphic

I blogged about all of the details of the shower in my How to Throw a Baby Shower on a Budget Post but never managed to share the printables until now!

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