Easy Monogram Wreath

Earlier this year I received a gorgeous boxwood wreath from Balsam Hill and it’s been on my front door ever since. I wanted to continue using my wreath but felt like it needed a little bit of updating for the fall. I’m not even 100% sure that I’m finished with it but for now I’m happy with the slight changes I made. You may not have a boxwood wreath on hand but you can make an easy monogram wreath using any wreath form you can get your hands on.

The Supplies


Wood Letter

Hot Glue Gun


Easy Monogram Wreath

The wood letter I used can be purchased at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores. It comes in natural wood so you’ll have to paint or stain it. I didn’t take any progress pictures of how I got the look that I did with my letter because to be honest, I was painting it on a whim and just wasn’t sure how it would come out. Figures that I LOVE how it came out and I should have taken pictures. Sigh. Basically I used chalk paint and painted my letter in a darker color first. After it dried I smudged vaseline along some of the edges and in spots that I wanted the darker color to show through. Then I painted the whole letter over with a lighter color. Once the second color was dry, I lightly sanded it and as expected the spots where I used the vaseline sanded very easy and I was able to see my darker color. Lastly I took some colored wax and rubbed a little over the letter and quickly wiped the excess off giving it more of a rustic look.

Easy Monogram Wreath Progress3

I took some twine and hot glued it on the back of the letter. After it was dry I stuck the strings through the back of the wreath. The base of my boxwood wreath is a metal wreath form with some grapevine covering it so I had to use a scissor to spread the grapevine out a little so that I could get my string through.

Easy Monogram Wreath Progress2

Once I got it through, i just tied it super tight so that the letter would stay put. I hunt it up on my door with a giant piece of burlap ribbon.  Super easy!

Easy Monogram Wreath-angle

This little project was just what I needed to help me get inspired to do some fall crafting. People, I have been in a rut after the summer but I’m OUT and can’t wait to share some more projects.

Easy Monogram Wreath-NO TEXT

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