Time Away from Crafting to Help a Friend

Today has nothing to do with crafting or sewing or anything like that but I hope you keep reading. I have an old friend from high school who has this AMAZING organization called First Response Team of America.  Last year he was one of the top 10 nominees for CNN Heroes. This year he is one of the top 10 nominees for  Mitchum’s Hardest Working Person in America.

First Response Team of America is a non-profit organization which was started and funded by my friend Tad Agoglia and his personal finances. Taken from his website, “Agoglia is not an independently wealthy man. Yet, he has reallocated all his company’s profits to the humanitarian aid undertaken by the First Response Team. He has not taken a salary and lives on the road most nights of the year in order to provide this service to fellow Americans in need.”

Also from his website, “After providing assistance to local government officials and first responders, Agoglia typically helps people who have no insurance or are under-insured, and he works free of charge. To subsidize his first-response services, he has worked for pay during the recovery stage at other disaster sites; typically a process that begins weeks after a storm strikes. He has been responding to storms immediately and free of charge since an F5 tornado leveled Greensburg, Kansas in May 2007 and will continue to do so for as long as he is able.”

I would absolutely love it if you could vote for him. What he does is extremely selfless and he’s basically put his life on hold for the good of Americans in need. He has a massive fleet of vehicles that respond immediately when national disaster strikes. Click HERE, watch his video (b/c I can’t really do what he does any justice by trying to explain it) and vote. He deserves to win.


You can vote for Tad through August 15 and you can vote 1x per 24 hour period.


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  1. Wow! That’s amazing! Thanks for sharing… I voted.

  2. Unbelievable and so kind. I voted.

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