Steps to Creating a Beautiful Room

I get many emails asking me how to start a room design.

1.  Start with a dream/design board.  This is what I think really helps narrow a vision for what you want – you will find that you are drawn over and over to the same things.  

This is my kitchen remodel project that we have underway and I used Pinterest for my inspiration board.
This helped me realize that even though I love, love, love color that white was what was really exciting me and an open concept.  It really helped me narrow my choices down.  
If you are re-doing a room with furniture that is going to stay, go ahead and upload that into the design board so you can see how it fits.
If you are an iPad user, I love Moodboard as well.  
2.  Once you have your inspiration and a clear vision is emerging it is time to make a list of needs/wants.  For me this included all kitchen items and allocating {and re-allocating budget money}.
This is really a defining time.  For example, I wanted {no, needed} a farmhouse sink to live my life in bliss.  However, the $650 + price tag was out of the question.  Ikea saved the day with this sink and I just had to be flexible in my cabinet design.
Yes, it is true love!
3.  Once you have these steps done, then you need a plan of action.  If you are doing it yourself, this is a key factor.  If you are using a GC or company, they will do this for you.
One Note has a great online tool for this as well.
If you like to hold it in your hands, I generally use a three ring binder dedicated solely to the project.  By filling it with clear pocket protectors and dividers, I can store paint chips, swatches, estimates, etc.  After the project, it makes a great reference if you ever need a repair/replacement or sell the home.
4.  Plan for things to go wrong.
Something always goes wrong – whether big or small.  This is the time to roll with the punches and allow some flexibility.  If something really is overwhelming, it is better to walk away from the project for an hour or two and come back with a clear head!
I hope this helped you and if you have any questions, please let me know!

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