I saw this adorable scrap fabric garland over at My Blessed Life that totally inspired me to create this simple Valentine wreath. Finally a project I could do with supplies I already had on hand.  Woo!
DIY Valentine Wreath

I had this wreath laying around and thought it would be great to re-use. You probably can’t tell by looking at it but it’s one of those super cheap straw ones. All I did was wrap it in strips of painters drop cloth and then covered it in pink tulle.
Wreath Form
Scrap Fabric
Bakers Twine
Glue Gun
I  cut out 2 hearts (only one pictured) from felt to use as my base and then cut  red and pink sheets of felt into strips. I rolled the strips into little rosettes and then hot glued them onto the felt hearts. (Totally thought I took a picture of this but I didn’t. Whoops!) Once my hearts were filled with rosettes I went back and added some more hot glue between the rosettes to make it more secure.
Valentine's Day Wreath
I then took a bunch of torn strips of fabric and tied them onto a string of bakers twine to make the little garland. I hot glued the garland to the wreath and attached my rosette hearts to 2 strands of ribbon and hung them down from the top of the wreath.
Valentine's Day Door Decor
This project took me about an hour. Would have probably taken me less time had I not been chasing my almost 2 year old while getting distracted by thoughts of organizing my craft supplies and worrying that my last glue stick would run out. Yes. I have problems. 😉

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  1. Barbara Hiatt says:

    Nice to know I’m not the only one with those kinds of problems! Great wreath, love the fabric scraps!
    XO, Barbara at Chase the Star

  2. Love the rag garland….such a fresh take on a new wreath! Ah…yes…the terrific twos! It goes way to fast so enjoy the challenges of motherhood…

  3. I think I heard someone refer to it as crafting ADD and yes, I have it too! 🙂 I love your wreath. The rosettes are so cute and a great way to use fabric scraps! I have one of those straw wreaths around here too. I think I stuck it in the closet because it was dropping straw everywhere. Covering it in fabric would definitely solve that problem!

  4. That scrap garland is soooo adorable. Nice job, you’ve inspired me! Only, my craft stuff is still in boxes (i moved a year and a half ago), so even though i COULD make this from stuff i already have, I’m just going to be honest here. I’ll be heading to the store. Because that’s the kind of person I am.

  5. I love this! It’s simple but super cute. I love making things from things I already have.

  6. Those rosette hears are adorable! I was thinking about making pipe cleaner ones, but never got around to it. This makes me want to dig out my pipe cleaners 🙂

  7. Really cute Valentine’s Day wreath! I love the hearts! I’m pinning this wreath!

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